Isolate the walls of the house from noise to improve the quality of life

Living in the city is certainly convenient, allows you to take advantage of many attractions and have at your fingertips countless services and benefits. However, unlike homes located in more peripheral areas or in the countryside, which are very quiet, life in the city can be problematic due to the noise pollution of the most central areas. But there are small tricks that can be followed to prevent outside noise disturb the quiet of the house, isolating with DIY methods the walls of your apartment.

Why isolate the walls of the house

Isolate the walls

Among the most frequent noises that can disturb people who live in apartments, there is not only that of car horns or the chattering of people on the street but also a simple walk from the upstairs neighbors. Therefore, insulation guarantees a better quality of life , since unpleasant noises affect a person’s psychophysical wellbeing and greater privacy. In Italy there is also a law, more precisely 447/95 which regulates noise pollution. Keep reading: Seven home décor ideas for the summer

Making a selection of the best wall insulation from external noise

Isolate the walls

In order to choose a good wall insulation properly , it is first necessary to learn to distinguish the methods of propagation of sound waves, which can be different. For example, the sound wave can see its impact dissolved when it breaks against a wall, or it may be able to overcome the physical barrier imposed by the wall, and thus reproduce the external noise even inside a house. In a last case, instead, it happens that the sound of the wave rebounds from one part of the environment to the other, and this energy will continue the rebound to the point where it will not be completely absorbed by the walls. There are therefore two types of materials useful for achieving a sound insulation. They are soundproofing materials , which serve to prevent the noise from spreading to the outside, and the sound- absorbers which, on the contrary, are used to completely absorb the sound of the wave. For further information, refer to the reading of an article dedicated to sound-absorbing panels for sound insulation on ColoriVernici.

Sound-absorbing panels

Isolate the walls

Among the materials mentioned above for sound insulation, sound-absorbers have the ability to transform the energy of the wave into heat, canceling its effect. They are therefore used to optimize the acoustic quality of an environment. In particular, the so-called panels are made , made of glass wool or rock wool, but which can also be found in plaster. These panels have the advantage of being rather economical, have a long life and can resist mold and moisture, thanks to their breathable action. They are therefore perfect for all types of environments, not just residential. You may also like:

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