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Seven home décor ideas for the summer

As seasons change, so too does how we want our homes to look. Summer is the season of bright colours that can lift the spirits and bring joy. These six home décor ideas will help you to add colour and make the changes you need to feel a little more summery.

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Cut back on belongings

We want to enjoy life in summer, not be bogged down with ‘stuff’. Look around you and get rid of or put away everything you don’t need. This will make you and your rooms feel lighter, as they will not be full of unneeded items.

Bring nature into your home

Don’t just enjoy plants and flowers in your garden; instead, bring them into your home, which has been proven to have health benefits. Think about putting them in pots that add a splash of colour to catch the eye.

Add colour to your meals

Look for ways you can add colour to your dining table. Not every plate has to be bright yellow, of course, but you should look for signature pieces to act as an accent to your regular tableware. Find pieces with designs that match the season, such as botanical themes. Do you love a pot or bowl? Don’t leave it locked away in a cupboard; instead, put it on display.

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Upcycle or update furniture

Buying new furniture with each season is not practical, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make changes by adding a coat of paint to old furniture. Think of summer colours and choose one that will still look good with your everyday furnishings. If you have laminate flooring from a specialist such as, brighten it up with colourful rugs.

Seasonal scents

If you burn candles or oils, swap them for brighter scents – think citrus smells or floral aromas.

Be artistic

Add bright and cheerful art to your walls that will catch your eye and the eye of those visiting you, creating a talking point and warming up your rooms.

Swap sheets

Don’t forget about your bedroom when you are mixing things up. Look for new bedsheets in bright colours and prints that say summer to you. This will make working up for work a little more bearable.

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