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How to prevent condensation around your downlights

All kitchens eventually have the same issue. They are, by their very nature, warm places. However, the surrounding area of the kitchen can be cold. When a warm environment meets a cold environment certain environmental factors come into play. One of the most concerning, and surprisingly destructive, is that of condensation. Image credit If you […]

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Deciding on the perfect pet for your family

There are many considerations to take into account before deciding to go out and purchase a new pet for your family. Does your home have a garden, or is there access to common land or a park, close to your house?  If you are lucky enough to have some green space then maybe a dog, […]

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What is Urinary Incontinence?

Incontinence is a common medical condition that affects the nerves and muscles in the pelvic area, which allow the body to control its own bowel and bladder movements. Incontinence may be a result of a medical condition or an injury, or it may be a symptom of a more serious condition. There are many causes […]

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What Does A Plumber Do?

A plumber does a variety of jobs, including installing pipes and drains, troubleshooting plumbing systems, and repairing worn or damaged parts. Some plumbers install new pipes, cut holes in walls, or hang steel supports from ceiling joints. Others are called on to unclog pipes and maintain septic systems. A plumber may also be called upon […]

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Cheltenham Gold Cup Facts

Each year, Cheltenham hosts one of the top events in the horse racing calendar – the Cheltenham Gold Cup. It’s a grade 1 National Hunt horse race staged at the Cheltenham racecourse in the Prestbury area of the town. It brings in huge economic value to the town, filling up hotels, restaurants, cafes and serviced […]