Decorate your home Urban style decoration | 3 Tips for all

The city apartments need an Urban Style Decoration that goes perfectly with the external environment. In which they are integrated. In addition, if those who live in them are young people. Even more, important should highlight the qualities of the tenants.

At present, there are many styles with which to get it. One of the latest trends in interior design is precise to use the city as a central thematic element of decoration. A style that has received the name of city style or urban style. Keep reading: Discover how long does a mattress last.

3 important tips for urban style decoration

  • Materials and colors.
  • The importance of light.
  • Decoration elements.

Materials and colors

Decorate your home Urban style decoration

One of the ways to achieve urban style is to do it by using materials, colors and decorative elements with motifs that refer to the streets of the city, for example, with letters or posters. Another possible option is focusing the decoration in some of the big cities of the world such as Paris, New York, London or Barcelona, for example.

The truth is that the materials and colors for this new decorative style are quite hard. The gray, white and black tones are combined with the details in other more striking colors such as yellow or red, for example, while wood is replaced in furniture by elements made of steel, glass or concrete, for example ( modern materials for modern furniture).

The importance of light

Urban style decoration

Finally, bear in mind that a style of these characteristics could turn off your rooms too much creating a somewhat sad and cold environment, so it is essential that you maximize natural light and that you also have a good disposition of light bulbs artificial (white light).

You can find lots of stores in which to buy products of these characteristics; without going any further, most of the large areas specializing in DIY, in recent seasons, have been offering decorative lines that have been called precisely ‘City’.

Decoration elements

Urban style decoration

To achieve this you just have to follow the previous basic guides and add very characteristic elements in the decoration:

  • Large steel floor lamps
  • Murals of the big cities.
  • Vinyl stickers with the names or some of the most emblematic monuments of the big cities on your walls.
  • Original carpets.

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