Mattress durability: Discover how long does a mattress last

Look at your bed. Surely in the market, there are much more modern and current models. When he bought it, he was sure that he got the last shout, but now, over the years, he discovers that fashion changes and the furniture in his room have been left behind. Discover here how long does a mattress last?

This is a common reflection in any home in this country. However, experts still find it hard to perceive another fact much more important than decoration, as it is intimately linked with our rest. Because how many times have we worried about the health of our mattress? How long does a mattress last? How many times have we thought about whether we are sleeping on a correct basis? Continue reading: 5 fantastic ideas to place the washing machine in a small bathroom.

How long does a mattress last?

Discover how long does a mattress last

The renovation of the rest equipment is usually a secondary issue, which is only dealt with when it is necessary. The change of house, the acquisition of a second residence. When we see that the mattress on which we sleep every night is deformed.

Occasionally, the mattress was a gift when buying the room. So, however beautiful the stay, a gift mattress will never be of quality. However, we perceive the mattress as the complement of the bed without realizing. The most important thing for our rest is in the quality of the equipment. A mattress also ages, is not manufactured with the elixir of eternal youth and, as happens to us, with the passage of time is losing its faculties, in this case, its properties.

Consume preferably before

Discover how long does a mattress last

A mattress should be changed at the most every 10 years. This is not a new data on how long does a mattress last. For some time now, in different media, ASOCAMA has been campaigning under the slogan “If your mattress is more than 10 years old, you do not have a mattress”.

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The expert backwardness is considerable, taking into account that there are countries such as Austria or Holland. They renew these elements every 8.2 and 9.6 years. This study also revealed other worrying data: 20% of American believe that a mattress can last more than 20 years. 68% of respondents admitted to changing the equipment only when the wear, breakage.

This can give us an idea of the scarce value that is given to rest in the USA. This passivity generates sleepless nights, pain. In the long run, even lumbar, cervical or dorsal problems. At this point, the bulb is turned on, and the benefits of a good rest are appreciated. In many cases, good prevention would have avoided reaching the extreme.

Time does not pass in the bucket

Discover how long does a mattress last

In a mattress, we should never be guided by its external appearance. Although we think that a change of cover can rejuvenate, a mattress with more than 10 years is ready to retire. You cannot ask him to work more because his working life has already given the optimal returns.

Extending your stay in our bed will only make you perform your function poorly. It does not provide the necessary comfort for a good rest.

The materials that make up any piece of rest equipment deteriorate with the passage of time even reaching a time when they lose their effectiveness. The same applies to the properties of these materials and of the external tissues. This progression will be accompanied by a decrease in comfort and the quality of rest.

Quality of the mattress

Discover how long does a mattress last

The human body also changes over the years. After more than a decade surely you need a different kind of mattress than the one you bought at the time. The advances registered in the technologies at rest contribute to this. New materials, systems or treatments that improve the performance of existing ones appear every day.

When he bought his rest equipment, he received a product with perfect hygienic qualities. However, as time passes, these qualities are lost due to continued use. In this way, even if you can see a clean upholstery or have put a protective cover. Think about the times you have sweat on this mattress or the diseases that have accompanied him during these years.

No matter how much cleaning you have done. It is impossible for a mattress of more than 10 years to keep its hygienic qualities intact.

A mattress of 2 years old accumulates 100 grams of dead mites. Imagine when this mattress is more than 10 years old. To see the dirt accumulated on your mattress, take a vacuum and put gauze on the nozzle. You will be surprised with the result.

For all these reasons, do not trust those brands that promise guarantees of more than 10 years. Because it may be an unreal promise. To be sure, read the fine print of these guarantees.

The consequences of extending the farewell

As we have already explained, the real problem of rest in the USA lies in the lack of awareness of users. This causes that when the time comes to change the rest system, the body is badly used and vitiated. The consequence is double:

On the one hand, a mattress in poor condition is the antithesis of a rest system. This together with the facilities of the human body to look for positions that are comfortable will generate vices. It will affect not only rest but also health: back pain or joint pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia.

Discover how long does a mattress last

But also, the moment of change will be hard. A body is accustomed to sleeping on a deformed surface will first reject a uniform base such as the one provided by the new mattress. This will result in a few first nights in which sleep will become an odyssey. However, it is a necessary adaptation period caused not by a bad acquisition.

Early retirement

You must differentiate between the life of the mattress and the period in which the rest system is useful to you as a user. That is, a mattress with less than ten years may not offer an optimal quality of rest. The first index of this situation will be found every morning when you get up. If day after day, you have the feeling that the previous night you have not rested enough is because your mattress is failing you.

In the same way, if at bedtime you perceive an extreme softness or the feeling that your body stays attached in the center of the bed is because the mattress has lost firmness. Think that, in the relationship established between a user and a mattress. It corresponds to the latter to adapt to the needs of the human body, and not the other way around.

Regardless of the age of the mattress, a system that produces these sensations is not offering quality rest. In this case, it is time to give an early retirement.

Measures to extend the useful life of the mattress

Discover how long does a mattress last

Many times, the deterioration of a mattress is linked to its quality of use. Taking into account a series of indications can serve to extend the useful life of your rest system.

Logically a mattress that is used sporadically will never deteriorate in the same way as a rest system that is available daily. Also, a new mattress placed on an old mattress is damaged before. Also, the performance of the mattress will not be 100% either. Because the support is failing. Therefore, it is best to renew the rest equipment completely.

On the other hand, making proper use will be essential to maintain their properties in conditions. For this, consult the manufacturing standards. The recommendations for use that appear in the warranty.

Follow the maintenance instructions, among which it is essential to turn the mattress every three months. So, as not to generate deformations on any of its sides. In the case of models with a single sleeping face, the rotation will always be done from head to toe and not from top to bottom.


In spite of all these measures of how long does a mattress last, the time will pass. The change of the mattress will be necessary. Nothing lasts forever but, considering that sleeping on a bad mattress. Every night the quality of rest and health is at stake, making a change of equipment on time can prevent us from major problems.

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