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Tips for running air conditioner in winter season

Now that it seems that the cold has arrived, it is unquestionable that we ask ourselves if our air conditioning equipment will also be useful when temperatures start to drop. With the hot-cold equipment, we have the great advantage of being able to use our air conditioning equipment throughout the year. However, it will be very important to choose the ideal device so that, in addition to warming up on cold nights, respect the environment.

At what temperature should we put the air in winter? Is it more effective to leave the air on all day or turn it on when we get home? In this article, we talk about all this and much more for running air conditioner in winter!

running air conditioner in winter

Tips for using air conditioning in winter

  • Choose an efficient team The ideal option will be letter A and green color. Avoid the letter G and red color.
  • Makes correct maintenance of the air conditioning. Check your air conditioning equipment by a professional technician before going from using cold to heat.
  • Clean the filters once or twice a month.
  • Close all doors and windows so hot air does not escape.
  • In the “heat mode,” regulate the air conditioning and maintain a temperature between 20 ° to 22 ° during the day. Remember that with each grade you increase, you will increase your electricity bill by 7%.
  • In areas of the house where the sensation of cold increases, the temperature can rise a few degrees. For example, in the bathroom to avoid catching a cold, you can select a temperature of 23 °.
  • If your device has a “schedule” function, schedule it one hour before you arrive home so that your home is acclimatized when you arrive. (Never lower than 15 ° in heat mode).
  • Place the air deflector down. This will prevent the air from staying in the upper part of the room.
  • As in summer, select the “sleep” mode at night, to regulate the temperature and prevent the air from staying on and consuming more than necessary. A temperature between 15 ° to 18 ° will be ideal.

consume more air conditioning

When do you consume more air conditioning, in winter or summer?

Although the type and model of air conditioning will determine its consumption, the vast majority of appliances consume more when they are heated than when they operate at lower temperatures. We must bear in mind that buying air conditioning equipment with the A label. This will not necessarily mean energy savings for heat as well as cold. The categorization is the same for heat as for cold. It will be more eco-friendly to use an appliance with efficiency.

How to put the air conditioning in the heat

air conditioning in the heat

For many, it is a truism, but whoever opens a device that has both functions has many doubts about how to use the heating function. We tell you to step by step how to do it:

Remote control in hand: The first thing we have to do before putting the equipment in heat mode is to use the remote control to access the control panel.

Change mode (mode): If we had the device in summer or cold mode, we have to change the mode to heat. In general, the controls have a “mode” button that alternates between the different options each time we press it. Some devices are simpler and have two buttons that indicate cold, in blue, and heat, in red. But they are the least. We must press the “mode” button repeatedly until on the screen we find a sun symbol, indicating that the device is set to heating /winter/heat mode. It is important to change the mode and not try to raise the temperature of a device that continues in summer because we can break it.

temperature of AC

Adjust temperature: Experts recommend using it between 20 and 22 ° C during the day and between 16 and 18 ° C during the night, taking into account that we are talking about temperatures in heat mode and bed we cover ourselves and we remain warm. This is important to reduce consumption since, for each degree, the thermostat goes up, consumption increases by an average of 8 percent. Putting it to 25 degrees to walk in a shirt is not only expensive, but it is not healthy.

Positioning the fan: When using the equipment in heat mode, it is fundamental to place the deflector vertically or downwards, since the hot air tends to rise and what we want is for the ambient temperature to increase. If it is up, it will be more difficult to air-condition the space.

Schedule the thermostat: If we are not going to be at home during the day, a good idea may be to program the equipment so that it lights up before we arrive. For example, if we go back to 19 after work, we can ask the appliance to turn on at 6:45 pm to arrive at a warm house.

Take advantage of the sleep function: Most air conditioners have this key function to save and not get sick. The sleep button allows you to maintain the temperature during the hours of sleep and not wake up drowned by the heat in the middle of the night.

Each Mode consists of

Heat: This mode activates the heating function.

Cool (cold): With this mode, you will obtain perfect cold air for the summer season.

Dry: Activating this mode of operation with the Mode button, you can reduce the humidity level of the room.

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