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Air conditioner repair tips that keep your AC always problem free

With the next entrance to summer, we must check the condition of our air conditioners and its effects to ensure that they work correctly.  Today, we leave you what you have to take into account when it comes to repairing your air conditioning. Let us begin!

Air conditioner repair tips

Air conditioner repair tips

Something very important before carrying out any repair or cleaning in our air conditioning unit is to consult its instruction manual.

Although we usually forget about it because several times it is lost when we install the machine, we must not make any changes without consulting it.

Each machine has some peculiarities, and you have to take them into account to act in one way or another and that you can only know it either through an expert or with your manual.

The maintenance of the air conditioning equipment must be carried out before the first use after a long period. We must not forget to review both the exterior and interior units:

Outdoor unit

  • Inspect the outside of the equipment to verify that there are no refrigerant gas leaks. These gases are very polluting for the environment so we must treat it with special care.
  • Verification of the state of the equipment supports.
  • Eliminate all obstructions that may occur to the air passage.
  • Clean the dust from the grate with a broad brush.

Indoor unit

  • Remove the filters to clean them. The impurities accumulated in any air conditioning filter hinder performance and produce bad odors. To clean them, neutral soap and plenty of water will be enough. Before returning them to the equipment, let them dry. In case they are in poor condition, they will be replaced.
  • Under the filters, we must also clean all that space that remains. Spray abundantly with water and a couple of drops of bleach, being careful not to wet the container of the electronic plate. The water with all the dirt will fall to what we call the condensate tray. To finish the cleaning process, put the equipment in ventilation mode.
  • Also, clean the tube and the tray that collects the water. Apply bactericides if necessary. Check the operation of the control thermostats.

Follow the tips for tuning your air conditioner

That’s why we want to leave you with this series of tips to repair your air conditioning :


air conditioner switch

Do not make any changes to your air conditioner without turning off the switch in the electrical panel of the house. In this way, the repair will be carried out safely.

Recheck all parts

Recheck all parts

Secondly, we must review two of the most important parts of our air conditioning: cables and pipes. Damage to the cables can cause an electrical fault. An obstruction of the pipes can cause failures in the outdoor unit of our machine.


The cleaning of an air conditioner is based on two parts: cleaning the indoor unit and cleaning the outdoor unit. To carry out a good cleaning of the outdoor unit we should take into account the following tips:

air conditioner cleaning

In the outdoor unit sheets, earth or other elements can be stored. Everything decreases the capacity in the system and impairs the flow of air. Eliminate everything that could be harmful or could cause an obstruction. Clean the condenser.

As for the indoor unit, the tips for cleaning are:

Start with a filter cleaning. The biggest problems are times for them. A dirty filter can cause your consumption to rise by 5% or even 15%. If our air has a double filter, it can reduce the accumulation of dust, bacteria, and allergens.



Take the air command and select the operating fan mode and leave it activated for about half an hour to eliminate dust and dirt that may have accumulated during the months of inactivity in the blades. With all this information we can now fine-tune our air conditioning to combat the high temperatures.

Final thought,

With all these checks and tasks, the air conditioning equipment will be ready to start using them this summer. In addition, energy efficiency has a direct relationship with proper maintenance. Damage to the equipment will directly affect a loss of efficiency. Remember to make good use of them for greater durability and improved efficiency.

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