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Three Things That Commonly Lead to Blocked Drains

Drains are one of the most useful things we have when it comes to hygiene in the modern world. In the Victorian times, disease was a problem caused by wastewater, and when the sewers were built in the cities this massively reduced the diseases that were caused by unsanitary wastewater. This is something that we hardly think about in modern life, but when we have a problem with our drains it makes us realise how important they are.

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When we have blocked drains, it can happen inside the home or outside of it. When it happens in the home it is usually something that we notice much sooner, before it becomes too big of a problem. Outside issues may be more serious because we take longer to notice them, and in this case it is usually necessary to have a professional like this drain lining surveys company Wilkinson environmental drain lining in to sort it out.

There are many things that can block drains, both in the home and outside – here are some of the main culprits that can lead to a blocked drain…

Hair – Hair can build up in drains, in the bath or the shower plughole and over time can cause massive blockages in the pipes. Because we wash our hair in these places, it is impossible to avoid hair from going down the plughole. There are things that can reduce how much goes down there, but it is best practice to regularly check and clean the plughole of hair to prevent build up.

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Grease – When we cook, many foods produce fat and grease – what do we do after? Well wash it up of course. By doing this, large amounts of grease and fat of course go down the plughole and get into the pipes and into the sewers. Preventing this from going down the sink is important and easy to do – drain it off into a container and put it in the waste bin. As well as blocking drains this stuff builds up in sewers creating large fatbergs.

Tree Roots – If you have trees in your garden or near your home, it is important to keep an eye on the drains around them. This is because tree roots are a common cause for blocking drains. The roots of a tree will seek out a damp underground area so the roots can often make their way into the drains damaging the pipes in the process.

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