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3 ideas to refresh your living room

Whether you decide to completely transform your living room or just want to embellish a few elements, here are three original decorative themes.

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1. Style cottage

Imagine a picturesque, welcoming and charming cottage. That is what the chalet style for your living room is all about.

  • The color palette for walls and furniture is usually clear. Think of matching different shades of white and cream, pastel colors and mint green tones.
  • Painted furniture with a sometimes deliberately worn look is a prime feature of this decorative style.
  • Purchase small tables, mirrors, and other painted items or give a makeover to your existing furniture.
  • The floral patterns are suitable for sofas in a chalet-style living room, but if you are not ready to go, have beautiful quilts on your sofas or armchairs.

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2. Contemporary Style

The contemporary decor is similar to the modern style, but the two terms are not interchangeable.

  • The contemporary style is a little less austere and regulated and seems slightly warmer.
  • If you like clean lines and hate the mess, this could be the style that suits you.
  • The color palette usually remains in the spectrum of sophisticated neutral colors, but that does not mean that your living room should be white and cold.


Choose from shades of white, cream, beige, brown, gray and black. Although this choice may seem restricted, it actually offers you a few options.


Floors must be unadorned and covered with wood or ceramic. If you want to give a little warmth to your living room, go with a rug.

Opt for simplicity

Prefer simplicity and utility. Furnish your living room with the necessities (such as a sofa, a coffee table, and a TV cabinet) and adopt a minimal decoration, such as a single vase on the mantelpiece or a few pictures or framed pictures on the walls.

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3. Far West

Even if you do not live in the American Southwest, you can imitate the decor in your living room.

  • This style is crude and earthy, reminiscent of the wilderness and the Wild West.
  • Choose rich colors for walls and furniture, such as terracotta tones, brick red, deep yellow, gold, salmon, and turquoise.
  • Choose sturdy and imposing furniture and choose a rustic look.
  • Inspire the exposed beams and bricks.
  • Look for carpets or throws of the sofa with bold patterns.

In summary, there are proven decorative styles that will all look beautiful in your living room. Nevertheless, you do not have to respect these styles to the letter: dare to mix the different elements that you like.

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