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The Advent Of Clutter Free Home Design

Looking back to the past, there have been some great additions to the living room in terms of interior design. From the Eames’ to Miles Van der Rohe and others the living space we now are used to is very different from the one of one hundred years ago.

One of the big things that have changed from the Victorian era is the lack of clutter that we see in our living rooms. The cleaner designs and the idea that everything has a place has greatly impacted on the way the insides of our homes are.

Though our furniture is tidier, other items such as built-in stands and presses and additions such as the wall mounted magazine rack and flat screen TV have removed the clutter from the floor space and placed it clearly up against the wall. This, of course, has made a significant difference in the way our homes look.

20th Century

With some of the biggest changes happening around theC 1920s and 1930s, it is often surprising at how slowly we’ve taken on this remarkably clean and uncluttered lifestyle. The notion that by removing the messiness we can be calmer is, however, something most of us would agree with.

For example, having a load of papers strewn across a table and floor can cause a sense of unease and that’s where items like a wall mounted magazine rack come to the fore and clean up the whole area, causing it to be all the easier to live in.

Perhaps, it’s down to the smaller sizes of homes and the fact that we now own more things and so require a place to keep them? Or maybe it’s just a psychological thing. Think of all the records you used to own before the iPod and iPhone came along. Though it was nice to have hundreds of records and vinyl, they also took up a large amount of space and really had a negative impact on the amount of area you can live in.

We’re all aware how we feel when boxed up in a claustrophobic area and then again we all know how we react to pleasurable wide open spaces. This is of course, why the fight against such clutter is such an important part of interior design.


On the downside, some people will prefer to have their trinkets on the show and like the maximalist stance where they can show all and everything they own and have it all at hand when they need it. However, for most of us, this is not the case. We want a place for everything and everything in its place. That’s more than likely why clean clear design, with plenty of clean lines, lots of storage space and an airy feel have come to the fore in the last one hundred years or so. It’ll be interesting to see if the wall mounted magazine rack and flat screen TV will be replaced with chunkier items – somehow, we doubt it.

Jacob Byrne is a lover of no clutter and enjoys the peace of mind that it brings. He cleared all the clutter in his home with the help of  Yousellquick.co.uk and now has a model home elsewhere.

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