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Youth furniture, 10 ideas for decorating the room

The moment arrives in us all: our children grow, and the children’s room that until that moment they loved it now looks horrible! And of course, teenagers have other needs and other tastes. That’s why we have started to look for ideas of decoration with youth furniture, 10 ideas to decorate our children’s room, which is no longer!

If you are looking for ideas to renovate the youth rooms, you can not miss these ideas, 10 proposals of youth furniture perfect for decorating with style and practicality, see?

Youth furniture, drawers under the bed

Nowadays the rooms are getting smaller, a reason why it becomes essential to gain space of storage. In this sense, the beds with drawers underneath are very practical, as they save us a piece of furniture (we will not need the drawers) and also have space for bed linen.

A desk is essential in youth rooms, but if we do not have enough space on the wall because we have a window door as in this case, a practical solution is to make a desk, tailored and narrow the same length of the bed, to place it at par. It will serve as a bedside table and as a desk.

wooden furniture
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Youth furniture, leisure space

Is there anything that teens like more than being tossed around with a friend listening to music or watching a movie? If the room is not large enough to have a futon, a bed like this, with the built-in futon that turns into another bed, may be the ideal solution.

Youth furniture, take advantage of spaces

A window does not have to be an obstacle when taking advantage of space. We can build around it, placing the bed underneath and all around bookstores and shelves to store.

You can also take advantage of the space around the door in the same way, and in the process create a very attractive corner using strong and contrasting colors. An original yet practical choice!

Youth furniture, renew with painting

If you want to use the same furniture that you had, but have a very childish, the painting can completely modify them. Take a look at the before and after this room that you will find in the link below the image.

Youth furniture, store decorating

A cabinet or bookcase with drawers like this gives a lot of space to store, and with a simple gesture, we can transform it into a focal point of the decoration: it will be enough to cover the front of the drawers with beautiful and striking painted papers to completely change the appearance of the furniture.

If in the room there is no space for a wardrobe, a decorative and practical way to have the most necessary clothes on hand, and do not use the chairs as a coat rack, is to place a rail with a stand, are economical and look very nice.

Youth furniture, original solutions

What do you think of this youth room for music lovers? I loved the bright bedside table, for those who give themselves to DIY and electricity, I found this tutorial to make it at home.

Creating a slope can serve to gain space under the bed, where we can put another bed with casters, or low cabinets to store. It is a tailor-made solution so it will have to be commissioned from a carpenter. The narrow desk takes advantage of the space in front of the slope and can be easily moved when you need to take something from the closet or take out the guest bed.
How many ideas, and very varied! Did you like it?

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