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8 Hidden Secrets and Ideas for Small Double Bedrooms Designs

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One of the challenges that most people face when decorating is space. Tiny rooms are really simple for kitchens or double bedrooms with little space. All of them can be small on the surface, but they represent a great obstacle when we express our creativity.

If you and your partner have a small bedroom that is having trouble decorating, don’t worry! Today in this section, we bring you 8 small double bedrooms designs especially useful and that will adapt perfectly to the space they have.

Secrets for small double bedrooms designs

They don’t need one of the famous giant matrimonial bedrooms of celebrity mansions to be happy. The happiness of your marriage should not be conditioned by it. Despite the reduced space, much can be achieved, without the need to settle for little.

A bedroom is nothing more than a love nest. The magic you provide is not linked to the size of the bedroom. But the size of the love that exists between you.

Before reading the secrets, see below the small double bedrooms designs:

1. In a small bedroom, there is more space for privacy

This should be the first point to be exploited by all couples with reduced marital bedrooms. When there is no space to place a reading chair; and when open space is very limited, inevitably, both will end up curled up in bed.

This means that the strong factor to exploit in this case is. The potential to create an atmosphere of super intimate atmosphere that only small matrimonial bedrooms possess.

Use romantic lights and blackout blinds. The goal is to achieve that one afternoon at 10 am. It is perceived as a night. Lengthen the moments of peace and rest to be with each other. It is something that is achieved more simply in a small room. Exploit this advantage to the fullest.

2. That the bed is the main decorative piece

The matrimonial bedrooms are usually displayed with several main furniture. Since space you have available is something that plays against your possibilities, invests in what matters.

Incorporate side tables smaller than normal. They can invest their money in what matters, a really large and large bed. Luckily for you, in the marital bedrooms with little space; larger beds are even larger than they are. This optical illusion invites not only rest but also intimacy.

Be sure to use sets of sheets that are attractive and several cushions to dress the bed when not in use. It doesn’t matter if at night all those cushions end up in an ottoman, drawer, inside the closet or on the floor; The important thing is that, when you arrive and see the double bed, all you want is to lie on it.

A great way to achieve an optical effect that will make the bed look even bigger; It is to use an upholstery on the back equal to the covers of the decorative cushions. Since unlike sheets and pillowcases; These cushions do not usually change their appearance throughout the week.

3. Look for minimalism when decorating the walls

The worst enemy of the matrimonial bedrooms with little space is the walls. Overloaded appliques, heavy works of art for the eyes. Hang lamps that seek to have the role of the scene.

All those elements; These are counterproductive aspects when decorating a small bedroom. The best thing you can do is a point to minimalism on the walls.

Decorate the wall just behind the bed. The best in this case; is to use a wallpaper that matches the cushions or the comforter. This will give the scene a sense of continuity. But don’t look to add more “heavy” elements to your decoration.

4. Take advantage of the “dead” space of the closet to achieve greater functionality

In a small bedroom with a small space, the good use of the closet plays an extremely important role. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the lack of space; They should avoid any kind of disorder.

But it is also important that everything that goes inside the closet Be invisible. Hence, it is very important to have the closet with the doors closed at all times, and make use of each of its available corners.

The “dead” space of the closet is very important to use. Starting with the inside of the doors; We have that it is practically an additional folding wall.

A full-length mirror is vital in the dressing area and, although people with sufficiently spacious bedrooms usually have the mirror apart. It is not the case for you.

Place a full-length mirror inside the closet door. So it is a really functional activity to choose the clothes they are going to wear.

5. Never bring these items to the bedroom

Many times we have said that certain things should not go in the bedroom, they simply look bad and hurt; but in the small bedroom, the list is a little broader.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a flat-screen TV or if you can hide it with one or two doors; It is best not to move the TV to the bedroom unless it is necessary.

As for the rest of the element that you should do without to save space, we have:

  • A floor or table lamp should leave that option aside and make the most of the ceiling lighting and wall sconces. Use wall lamp whose light can be redirected at an angle of 360º.
  • Sofa or sunbed. Although it is possible to include a small bench at the foot of the bed that you could use to sit by the window from time to time. It is including a complete armchair with a unique personality is not something you should force.
  • Chandeliers on the ceiling, or any type of striking, hanging or a very large lamp; Remember that who will star in the decoration will be the bed. Everything else should be reduced so as not to feel that space is missing.

6. Focus the decoration to the repetition of the light to give a feeling of greater space

This is great that can be used to make the room look and feel much bigger. Light reflection will increase the appearance of the bedroom. The key is to use elements with surfaces capable of reflecting light.

A white bench but which in turn has a structure of way or shiny metal will help produce this effect. The bedside tables with a glass or semi-mirrored top also work perfectly.

And remember that your best ally is natural light. So, maybe you should consider making a change in the windows, all to support you to the fullest in natural daylight.

7. Search functionality in addition to beauty in furniture

Decorating with intelligence and practical thinking is something that has been done since the last decade. And the bedroom does not escape from this new norm when decorating it.

Thanks to the furniture that we have recommended, you will notice that there are many options to expand your space efficiently.

Start with the protagonist of the bedroom, the double bed. It is so big for sure it will have drawers without handles on the sides and, if you bought the matching headboard. Surely there you will have more space, both for the decorative cushions and the different sets of sheets.

8. Smartly use these spaces, either for shoes or for your books

The bedside tables, when using wall sconce as lighting; They will have the entire surface completely free. But more important than that, it is to use bedside tables that have enough internal space.

Being a high bed, you can resort to turret type models; Ideally, they should be as wide as a laptop. This way, they will have the guarantee that they can save everything without problems. But don’t forget that, the best for your health; It is sleeping away from electronic devices.

Last but not least, we have the sidewalk. The classic-looking indeed looks a bit more minimalist. So it helps make space look bigger.

Those that are of the trunk type are great to make the most of the space when storing all kinds of things. Surely they will find more than one object that can be stored there when not in use. And these types of sidewalks look great next to a prominent bed.

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