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Ideas to decorate your wedding with little budget

You do not have to spend a lot of money to organize a beautiful wedding. In fact, the ideas we teach you today will help you decorate your wedding if your budget is not too high. But that does not mean that the link is going to be turned off and tarnished. Quite the opposite! We are going to wear it in an incredible way without hardly spending money on it. It only takes a little imagination. We help you with some proposals that you can customize and adapt to the style that will have this very special day.

wedding decoration
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The decoration of the tables

Just we saw several ways to place table services, very economical and decorative for the day of your wedding. If instead of placing the name or photo on each plate, you only put the table number in the center, you can also do it by following these guidelines (increasing the size of the decoration, yes).

Fruit boxes for your wedding decoration

The nacelles fruit are handiest. And very decorative. Perfect if your wedding has a country style, for example, because if you do some composition outdoors, adorned with wild flowers or a watering can, it will be the most elegant and romantic. You can put one of these wooden boxes in several corners of the link, or place several of them. Combine them with letters of wood or with a sign.

wedding decoration
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Prepare your own candy bar

There are already several weddings that I have been in lately in which during the dance you can eat goodies that are prepared in a candy bar. Why not do it yourselves? It is very decorative as it has a lot of color. You will only have to make some goodies, some dishes, trays and glass glasses and you will have ready this sweet snack.

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Glass Jars

Glass jars are ideal for a wedding. With some advance, you can save those you use at home and so you will not have to buy anything extra. Then you can turn them into beautiful flower centers, you can also serve to number the tables, to decorate the entrance to the link, chairs or tables. They are ideal in outdoor weddings, but also indoors. Look how cool they are, for example, suspended in the air on the tables.

wedding decoration
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Paper Adornments

Japanese origami art is very effective. If your partner and you have time and you are skilled, you can create a beautiful paper decoration designing flowers, butterflies or any other type of element that you want your wedding. On the Internet, you have a lot of tutorials that will make your work easier.

Pallets to decorate your wedding

Like fruit boxes, pallets will also give you a lot of play. You’ll hardly spend anything on getting several of them and can have a lot of uses. They can serve as an indicator of the different areas of the link, you can make a nice composition with flowers, nacelles to place the seating plan, even a zone of sofas chill out to rest the guests who are giving everything in the dance.

wedding decoration
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Lace details

If you feel like giving it a very romantic touch and with some vintage air to your link, the lace will become a great ally. It will not cost you much and the effect is very cool. You can use it to mark the route that takes you to the celebration, making a tie for the flowers that adorn the chairs, in the photocall where you make funny photos with the guests or in small floral details placed on the tables.

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