How to keep house cool in summer? Amazing tricks

With the arrival of the summer months, the heat begins to tighten hard and it costs to keep the home cool even in our home. Whether we have air conditioning or if we cannot resort to a series of tricks to try to keep our house as far away from the heat as possible without triggering the energy cost and with it the electricity bill. We reveal how to keep house cool in summer.

How to keep house cool in summer?

how to keep house cool in summer

Lower blinds or blinds

A large part of the heat that we suffer in the home comes through the windows. Having blinds or blinds and keeping them down during daylight hours can reduce the temperature to 10 degrees. Keep reading: How to choose cleaning products according to the type of surface?

The importance of the doors

The heat is transmitted between rooms, therefore, if there are no fresh currents during the day, it is best to keep the doors closed. And at night? Otherwise, we will open them to encourage the air to circulate and refresh us.

Light bulbs

Is best not to turn on the light, but if you need a little extra light in a room, it is best to use light bulbs that consume less well, generate less heat. Although they cost a little more, in the long run, all are advantages.

how to keep house cool in summer

The ceiling fan, counterclockwise

If we have a ceiling fan, during the summer months we will have to program it to turn to the left and at a higher speed than normal. In this way, we will achieve a fresher current.

Home air conditioning

We only need a common standing fan and a good ice bowl to work the miracle. By placing the bowl with ice in front of the fan current we will create a cool breeze that will be a holy hand in the hours when the heat gets stronger.

Turn off what generates heat

It is obvious but sometimes we do not realize it. In the hot months, we must dispense with heat sources such as computers, the glass ceramic or the oven as much as possible. Keep reading

how to keep house cool in summer

No steam

Avoid ironing during daylight hours. In the kitchen and in the bathroom, it is best to turn on the extractors to get rid of the steam and with it with a few degrees of temperature.

Enjoy fresh drinks

Ice tea, homemade soft drinks, cold water … drinks at low temperatures help us to reduce the sensation of heat, so we must hydrate ourselves with them.

how to keep house cool in summer

Soft and white fabrics

We must avoid dense fabrics, in beds, armchairs and all types of furniture. Buckwheat-type wheat husk pillows are a good choice because they prevent perspiration. It is also good to remove carpets in summer.

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