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Top 10 important and healthy eating kitchen essentials

The time has come to take out the summer clothes from the back of the closet and prepare our body for the tank tops and skirts. The bikini operation has begun: healthy cooking, exercise, and willpower. For this reason, what we have done has been to collect the best healthy eating kitchen essentials and have a healthy diet.

We would like to make an offer of Kg of diets, but we do not want you to stay in the bones. We just want you to be comfortable with your body. That you take away what you have left to feel good about yourself and, above all, that you have a healthy and balanced diet that will even help you sleep better. Keep reading: How to keep house cool in summer?

Healthy eating kitchen essentials

Now you can keep the fryer, because the appliances and star for a healthy life are, as you can imagine, SPOILER ALERT the iron and steam END OF THE SPOILER ALERT.


Cooking in Oven

Cooking in the oven is very healthy because oil is barely used, and steam cooking is even healthier because all the nutrients that would be lost in the water when boiling food are kept.

Knowing that steam and cooking in the oven are both very healthy cooking methods: why not put them together in the same appliance?

As seen in the video, steamed ovens allow you to cook large pieces of fish or meat along with their respective vegetables.

They also allow you to combine steam cooking with the grill function to get more crispy exteriors with juicier interiors, intensify the color of food and cook in less time. Keep reading



Did you know that if you exceed the frying temperature of the oil, it releases toxins? Each type of oil can withstand a certain temperature of heat and exceeding it causes that the food is fried badly, and that fats are more harmful and harmful to health .

Here you can see some tips for frying well, but they are complicated to follow because it is difficult to control oil temperatures.

That is why the countertops with temperature control have been created, like the one in the upper video, with which you can adjust the ideal cooking temperature for each type of food, in addition to heating the oil more quickly and efficiently.



For those who love bag fries and snacks between meals , you will love this appliance.

Among other things, with a dehydrator you can make healthy chips of potatoes and other laminated vegetables (carrots, beets, sweet potatoes …) and sweet chips with fruits that you can incorporate, for example, to morning cereals or yogurt:

Dehydrator of food for vegetables, fruits and meats for sale in media markt

What dehydrators do is eliminate water from food, maintaining its smell, flavor and all the nutrients .

In addition, dehydrators also allow you to keep all types of food for months or years: algae, seeds, meat, fish, herbs, fruits, vegetables …



As we have mentioned before, steaming is the healthiest way to prepare food. Since they are not submerged in water, they conserve many more nutrients than boiling them, since they retain the vitamins and nutrients that by boiling them would remain in the water.

In addition, the steamed cuisine respects the original flavor of vegetables, fish and meat, preserving the authentic flavor of food, which does not have to be bland as you imagine.

Below you can see on video a recipe to make a healthier potato omelette with a steamer:

Steaming also helps to have less heavy digestions , lower cholesterol levels and can even improve the appearance of your skin by respecting all the vitamins in the food.

There are several methods of steam cooking, but the most traditional and economical is to use electric steamers or bamboo baskets.



Barbecues can also be a synonym for healthy cooking. They are if instead of cooking sausages, lamb and potatoes on the grill, chicken, turkey and vegetables .

The problem is that we do not all have a terrace to mount an epic BBQ , or we want to make a small one and it takes too long to prepare the embers.

The solution? A grill-barbecue plate for the countertop that is covered by a ceramic glass when it is not being used.

Another cheaper option is the barbecues and electric grills .



If what you like about summer is to be able to drink ice cream , you do not have to give it up for wanting to diet and lead a healthy life. It is fully compatible.

Industrial ice creams have many fats and additives and ice cream from artisanal ice cream shops are healthier but they also have a lot of fat.

Knowing this, the ideal is that instead of having a box of liter ice cream in the freezer, you can make your own homemade 100% natural ice cream with fruit.

They can be the ice cream poles of a lifetime made with the classic t-shirt for the freezer, or homemade ice cream as you can do with this refrigerator from the Princess brand that has nothing to envy to the best Italian ice cream shops.



Ice creams may not be very attractive, but then surely your weakness is juices, smoothies, shakes and smoothies .

If so, you are lucky because they are healthier and less caloric than ice cream, although if you make them with fruit you have to avoid taking them at night because of their high sugar content.

And yes, you can also make juices and vegetable smoothies (green smoothies) that will help you even lose fat, like the famous green smoothie :

If you like juices, you’re sure to be leaving a fortune in orange tetrabriks with dubious fruit content and in smoothies and smoothies made in specialized bars, when you can make your own juices and fruit smoothies at home for little money.

You only need a blender, a blender, or this special kitchen robot for soups, creams and smoothies.


The kitchen robots are increasingly popular for several reasons: they prevent you from having a kitchen full of junk, with them it is very easy to make colorful recipes, and they allow cooking in a healthier way.

In addition, some of them have a steam function very similar to that of steamers.



If after what we have insisted that steaming is the healthiest kitchen you still insist that you prefer to boil the food , your best ally is an electric kettle.

You can boil the water in 1 minute instead of having the stove on for 10 until it reaches the first boil.

In addition, you will find it very useful to prepare green teas diuretics (black tea better than not, because it is astringent and has more theine) and other infusions to release fats and toxins from the body:


If you want to make a precise diet to lose weight or muscle, you will need a kitchen scale to weigh the exact amounts.

It will also be very useful to measure the amounts of ingredients in the recipes accurately, without having to measure with yogurt or “daggers”. And you, what is the appliance that you use most to eat healthily and dieting? You might also read:

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