furniture that saves space

8 Innovative furniture that saves space without losing its functionality

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Modern furniture that saves space without losing functionality. Innovative technique and design are combined to provide furniture that respects not only the design but are also more than useful for our small home, office or studio. Let’s discover the furniture that saves space.

Innovative furniture that saves space

furniture that saves space

According to statistics, every time we live in smaller houses, either because our pocket does not allow for more, for convenience or because we simply do not need more living space, this new trend requires new solutions from the perspective of furniture. This is where designers and industrial engineers come in with new innovative ideas where the furniture is not only adapted, but also keeps its functionalities intact. Keep reading: 8 gardening mistakes gardeners make

We want to review some ideas, concepts, and designs that give a new and fresh perspective to traditional furniture.

  1. Roll Out Table
  2. The flexible shelves
  3. Chairs with a lot of art
  4. To hide furniture
  5. The folding chair
  6. Renewing the traditional bank
  7. When we only need a piece of furniture
  8. The perfect barbecue

1. – Roll Out Table

Roll Out Table

Although it is nice to be able to receive a few guests for dinner, when we live in a small apartment, it is not always so easy or viable. And that’s where the designer Marcus Voraa, the resident of Oslo, comes in. He has designed the Roll Out table, an idea that surprises quite a lot, really! …

The concept is to use the telescopic technique at one end of the table getting the same pass from 1.5 meters to 4. It is a “blind” style mechanism with its corresponding steel crank that gives us a greater length at the same time as the legs housed at the other ends of the gear change their position.

Of course, as an idea for our small office, it is ideal, and remember to review the article guide tips for buying office furniture, you will not regret it!

2. – The flexible shelves

flexible shelves

The Shift project is simply an extremely intelligent and flexible shelving system. The idea is that we have a panel that, besides being acoustic, passes in a matter of seconds to have different shelves in an easy way.

Obviously, for small spaces it is very useful. A panel composed of textile waste recycled and compacted by a special technique from the textile and fashion industry. It is not necessary to incorporate any element to be able to mount the shelves since from the same vertical facing they are extracted by means of a system of folds.

3. – Chairs with a lot of art

Chairs with a lot of art

The free space occupied by additional seats in a restaurant, in our kitchen (see ideas for designing kitchens) or in the dining room of a small house, is the nightmare of every owner. To solve this headache, we created an ingenious solution: a wardrobe to store chairs that also acts as a piece of decoration.

A pair of chairs was designed that can be stacked forming a single geometric unit and that aesthetically responds more to a piece of art than to a conventional chair.

The chairs combined with a wardrobe that responds to its design clearly provides an elegant aesthetic without disturbing the decoration of the house. A great idea!

4. – To hide furniture

To hide furniture

From the design studio Orla Reynolds we propose to hide different furniture in a fun way and also provide a pleasant aesthetic.

Remember the article on how to decorate a dining room with good ideas because we can make good furniture combinations.

5. – The folding chair

The folding chair

A chair may express art as well as functionality that literally does not bother. This is the idea of this surprising piece of the folding chair that falls in love for its simplicity, practicality and that literally deceives the naked eye. We can already have many pieces of furniture in small spaces that fit well, all we need to do is hang from the wall to use them.

The industrial project of De-dimension designed by Jongha Choi is part of an in-depth study of the relationship between the 2D image and its representation in 3D through industrial design whose technical solution is impeccable to convert folding chairs, tables or stools that we see in a flat version, in 2D hanging on the wall, in versatile pieces when mounted in three dimensions.

6. – Renewing the traditional bench

traditional bench

This case we present a piece of furniture adapted to modern life. The hand of the designer presents a functional bench for the interior of homes that expands to adapt to any length according to our needs.

Its classic style and the mix of materials are perfect for any interior and are available in a selection of timeless colors.

7. – When we only need a piece of furniture

piece of furniture

Especially suitable for “micro” apartments. In the hands of the designer Moormann, the idea is to have a single functional and useful cube-shaped piece of furniture that replaces the small set of pieces that every home needs.

All the areas and important needs of the home are represented in the cube; sleeping, eating, working and reading are organized on the outer faces, while inside the room are staples, as well as a walk-in closet.

Curious the top where we found a bed with storage options on its edge, in addition to different connections for electronic devices.

8. – The perfect barbecue

perfect barbecue

If you live in a city and have a terrace of important dimensions, it does not matter much what the barbecue occupies, but if we have a small terrace, here we have a problem. The salvation is called Sigmafocus of the house Focus Chimneys.

We thought it was such a great idea that it was necessary to appear in this article. Composed of a folding steel cauldron, once closed, the Sigmafocus occupies a rather small volume compared to traditional barbecues without underestimating the design.

It is esthetic in its two positions (closed or open), practical with several positions for roasting, and easy to install on any wall (2 fixing points). The ash collector has the capacity for several successive uses before being emptied in addition to a fixed wall disk to protect the wall against smoke. You may also read:

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