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8 gardening mistakes gardeners make

Whether you have a huge garden or a tiny balcony, if you have decided to take the situation in hand and give you gardening there is not much difference: there is a good chance you are going to commit one of these 8 common mistakes!

Gardening mistakes gardeners make

gardening mistakes

1- Wrong jar!

Every flower, plant or vegetable wants a specific pot: plants that require drained soil will need pots with holes at the base. Plants that love moist soils may have a plastic pot but if they can not have the slightest stagnation of water, prefer terracotta pots. So for every plant, you have decided to plant in pots, ask what are the pots that help plants grow well. Give importance not only to the material of the vase but also to its shape! If you have any doubts about which vase to choose between that of earthenware or the plastic one. Keep reading: How to decorate study room? 6 amazing useful tricks

2- Remove the good grasses instead of weeds!

gardening mistakes

Remove weeds is one of the practices that is always recommended not only to have a better aesthetic result but also to prevent it from infesting the whole garden. Are you sure you know how to recognize them? It will certainly have happened at least once to tear weeds and then ask you why plants do not bloom. If you are not sure that you can recognize your flowers from weeds, mark with sticks what and where you have grown your flowers!

3- Do not prepare the ground

The soil is never to be underestimated: if it is not the right one or if it is not adequately nourished the result will not be long in coming. If your vegetables do not grow, if the flowers are thin and small you mind local on the ground you have used or ask yourself how long do not fertilize the soil! The ideal solution would be to create natural compost at home and feed the soil.

gardening mistakes

4- Plant too close!

To have a luxuriant garden, the solution is certainly not to fill the space you have available up to the improbable plants. If you put too many plants they will suffocate each other, they will not grow well and will not become as lush as you dreamed!

5- Too much water !!

This is by far one of the most common mistakes in beginners and they do not stumble! Watering the plants excessively is as harmful as not watering them: so ask yourself about the amount of water that the plants you have in the garden require and stop you from spending every day with the watering can among all your plant’s.

gardening mistakes

6- Planting an invasive plant

Adorable ivy, right? And what about wisteria? All beautiful plants, which if you do not follow and do not contain properly will invade your green corner. Choose carefully the plants you want in the garden and especially based on the patience you will have in curing them in the future!

7- Wrong Exposure

Contrary to popular belief, not all plants love to stay in the sun! The plants must be grown in areas with the right exposure and not according to your obstinacy: sunflowers do not grow in the shade and a hydrangea in full sun will wither!

gardening mistakes

8- Exaggerate with pesticides

You do not want your plants to be eaten by insects and aphids, but if you overdo the pesticide your seedlings will die! Before running for cover with chemicals, look for a solution among natural remedies: except in massive invasions of pests, natural remedies work! You might also like:

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