How to Enclose a Porch? Follow These Instructions

The house is that environment that most of all reflect the way of being of those who stay there. To have a safe and functional home, you often need to intervene with some redevelopment work. When dealing with renovations, it is always preferable to rely on a competent construction company. In this way, it is possible to avoid putting hands on walls, fixtures and systems for a fairly long period of time. Even the design must be entrusted to competent people, otherwise many rather annoying problems can be encountered. Well, thanks to the tips in the following tutorial, we will discover how to enclose a porch in the best way and without incurring expensive expenses.

How to enclose a porch?

The construction need of materials high quality and require preliminary work carried out in a workmanlike manner (such as thermal insulation or smoothing the walls before painting). One of the most frequent interventions involves closing a porch area. But what is the right procedure to follow?

How to enclose a porch

You will need:

  • Permits to build
  • Design of the area to be modified
  • Choice of the best materials
  • A budget not too low

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Request the necessary permits

Before closing a porch, you must first inquire about any permits. Changing the housing structure leads to an increase in cubic capacity. The volumetric expansion also affects the plan of the property, on which all changes must be made. A specific permit is therefore required to close a portico since structural elements that are absent until the moment of closure must be placed. The permit is used to comply with current building regulations. An intervention of this type cannot be considered a mere transformation linked to maintenance or renovation, which instead regards a simple redevelopment of the existing structure. Therefore, once you have ascertained that you need a permit to build, you can inquire at your municipality of residence.

Design the structure of the new environment

Once the necessary permits have been obtained to start the work of closing a portico, you can move on to the design of the new environment. To create work without structural defects, it is advisable to consult a professional. In this regard, a good architect will surely know what is the best solution to close a porch. This part of the house needs special attention, as it preserves the entire house from the temperature changes typical of the winter season. By closing a porch, you can isolate the entrance to your home from the cold.

Closing is also useful for the summer months when there is a need to remove excessive heat and prevent mosquitoes from entering. The structure of the new environment must obviously be designed taking into account the dimensions of the porch. For this reason, it is appropriate to show the architect or designer the housing portion to be modified.

Install fixtures and windows

Closing a porch means redeveloping an environment that is excessively exposed to bad weather and excessively low temperatures in winter and high in summer. The best solution to close a porch is to use fixtures and windows. Thanks to these two elements, the environment remains illuminated as if it were still open. Furthermore, these would be less invasive interventions in terms of volumetric modification. However, this is the addition of elements to the base perimeter, for which a permit request is expected.

The expenditure is certainly lower than for any construction of closed walls. When choosing fixtures and windows, materials and thermal insulation capacity should be taken into account. PVC is a really convenient material that guarantees excellent insulation on any porch or porch. As for the windows, there are currently double glazed windows that keep any outdoor environment warm in winter and cool in summer.

If you do not want to give up on the open porch in summer, you can always opt for removable solutions or sliding windows. Before proceeding with any intervention on the porch, it is necessary to request the necessary permits. This means avoiding abusive interventions which would then be reported to the competent authorities.

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