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Corner kitchens: 5 fascinating styles

From the linear touch of the Scandinavian style to the magic of the French countryside with the Provencal style, passing through the gritty look of the industrial style. 5 fascinating styles to inspire your choice of the perfect corner kitchen for you.

Many factors contribute to choosing the perfect kitchen for your home and lifestyle. Including the square meters of the room, and the size of your family. And not least your personal taste. Often it could happen to find a room structure that requires the choice of a corner kitchen to correctly maximize the space.

Decorating a corner space is a complicated challenge that requires a choice capable of balancing form and functionality. An appropriate type of furniture should clear the central part of the kitchen. And add cabinets or storage points that improve the look of the room by not leaving the corners unused.

The solutions available for corner kitchens are innumerable even if they mainly focus on utility and ergonomics and sometimes neglect aesthetics. With the help of 5 fascinating styles. You will be able to efficiently combine aesthetics and practicality.

Scandinavian inspiration

When it comes to kitchens, the Scandinavian aesthetic offers solutions that combine clean lines, functional elements, and an essential approach. A kitchen inspired by this design features natural wood finishes. Combined with bright colors such as white and beige they visually help to create space and breadth.

The composition will have minimalist but structured characteristics, where nothing is left to chance: each element has its place and its purpose. A delightful parquet flooring houses the strictly white corner kitchen, with a bright glossy marble finish.

The space that forms the corner is structured by a peninsula composition used as a dining table combined with elegant solid wood stools. To complete the look, a few natural accents such as green plants and twigs enrich the environment and match the fabric rugs with geometric textures mainly in pastel colors.

Country chic

A timeless style that conveys warmth and a sense of familiarity is undoubtedly the charming country , with its warm shades of the wood used in all its variations and its lively natural details that make it irresistible. A place like a kitchen, the beating heart of the house. Easily lends itself to furnishings with these characteristics.

The layout completely covers the wall and unfolds in the corner used to arrange the sink with the cabinet below to house various utensils. The pinewood kitchen, ideal for rustic furnishings, features a gray granite countertop.

The cooking area is combined with a ceramic tile wall and a hood with wood and stone cladding which is flanked by a large cupboard that reserves useful storage space for pots, plates, and glasses. In addition to the numerous drawers and cabinets in which the structure is composed.

Provencal elegance

Choosing a Provençal -style corner kitchen means bringing a breath of fresh air into an apartment that is inspired by the bucolic traditions of the southern French countryside . Even if the space at your disposal is limited, you could opt for a kitchen that covers two corners of the room by setting up delightful cabinets with a rustic character in a pastel blue color that goes perfectly with decorated ceramic tiles.

The kitchen forms in the first corner a large work surface for the preparation of your special recipes, as well as deep cabinets, to have everything at hand; in the second corner the marble serves as a table, and space is recovered on the wall above through delicate display shelves. Precious toile fabrics cover the windows and chairs, giving a magical atmosphere that brings the mind back to past times.

Industrial grit

The industrial style is capable of bringing character and functionality to your kitchen through the use of raw elements such as bricks and exposed concrete as well as materials such as iron and wood for resistant and spacious furnishing accessories. What makes it an effective style is the possibility of recovering old industrial objects to compose something new.

Industrial shelving with numerous shelves that can be used to store exposed crockery recall the setting of the old factory workshops. The kitchen made of light wood does not underestimate all the comforts of modern life by taking advantage of technological appliances and built-in lighting with LED lights.

The corner kitchen extends to form a peninsula used to prepare the hobby combining the latest generation suspended hood applied to rough beams left in plain sight. For greater functionality, the peninsula has a pull-out worktop that extends as needed, possibly replacing the table.

Shabby chic atmosphere

If you prefer a comfortable and casual kitchen with a design that recalls retro accessories. And soft and sober shades you will not be able to resist a shabby chic style. Try to balance elegant furnishings with a vintage soul with painted wood details, fluffy rugs, and signed memorabilia .

Through this philosophy, you will opt for a practical and graceful corner kitchen. That takes advantage of traditional cabinets, open shelves, and wooden shelves to display utensils. You will have a shabby atmosphere by placing numerous colored porcelain plates and cups. Which steal the show, arranged in a soft way in the corner of the kitchen. That becomes a sort of sideboard with the inclusion of small white shelves.

In the lower part, the corner is occupied by a wooden surface. That covers the kitchen furniture where plates and crockery displays collect everything flawlessly. And hooks applied to the wall welcome the coffee cups. Combine your white kitchen with all the accessories in pastel shades from powder pink to green to tiffany blue.

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