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Amaranth color: 10 interesting ideas for the living room

Named after the enchanting flower, which explodes in kaleidoscopic shades in spring, the amaranth color is a touch of style for your living room. Let’s see together 10 interesting ideas to furnish the living room with amaranth color.

Are you thinking of furnishing the living room and want to create a stylish environment? With the amaranth color, you can enrich the living room by focusing on a focal detail or an element that is the master.

Sometimes there are colors that are apparently difficult to insert, but which can give design touches and transform the space. Amaranth color is one of them. Get inspired by these 10 ideas on how to decorate your living room with this wonderful shade.

1. Paint the walls amaranth

The first tip is to focus on the bohemian effect by painting the walls with amaranth. Effect in no uncertain terms, adding furnishing accessories in many colors in contrast or tone on tone. This color is suitable only on the walls of large and airy living rooms because it tends to visually reduce the space.

2. The tents

When you don’t want to upset your living room, you can consider choices that are not definitive, such as curtains. For a smaller living room, where light colors are a must to make the space bright , you can opt for the choice of bright amaranth-colored curtains. Whether in light or heavier fabric, they will add character to even the simplest style. This way you can easily change the face of your living room.

3. The amaranth coffee tables

The perfect combination with amaranth color is undoubtedly composed of light gray and white. Colors that enhance the purple hues of our amaranth and accompany it in recreating a glorious context. Light, chic, informal, and comfortable .

A palette of combinations that makes you want to spend most of your day in the living room. The amaranth color chosen for furnishing accessories such as coffee tables breaks the monotony of light shades. The coffee table in tech and modern material is approved and recommended.

In this way, you will give space to inspiration and creativity, as well as the recycling of old furniture. Otherwise, on the market, there are armchairs of this color in every style and shape. Larger, reclining, small, vintage, or modern. Each living room has its own armchair.

4. The armchairs

Here is the charm of the amaranth color point in a clear and impalpable context; it takes very little to transform a cold environment into a more welcoming one. If you already own armchairs , you can choose the amaranth fabric at the haberdashery and have them lined.

In this way, you will give space to inspiration and creativity, as well as the recycling of old furniture. Otherwise, on the market, there are armchairs of this color in every style and shape. Larger, reclining, small, vintage, or modern. Each living room has its own armchair.

5. The sofa

Courage and dare . If you liked the idea of ​​furnishing the living room with armchairs, you are also ready for the next step: a sofa in total color. Amaranth and magnificence to create the cornerstone of the living room. If you choose this color for the sofa, combine it with an essential and unpretentious context.

6. Amaranth colored art attacks

Here is the idea to get out of the box and give your living room an artistic identity. Choose a monochrome pop-art print, or have fun revisiting images revisited in this color. The planisphere? A cool idea for serial travelers, for those who love extravagance and eccentricity.

Everything else maintains a harmony of colors, ranging from whites to grays, which as we have seen are the perfect allies for the amaranth color. A picture makes the difference, especially if you choose the oversize size.

7. Amaranth wallpaper

Here is the proposal for eternal romantics, for lovers of vintage atmospheres. Like a living room in roaring 1920s Paris, yours too can become the emblem of a Charleston setting.

Leave your classic furnishings, furniture inherited from your grandmother, or the achievements of flea markets as they are, they will be perfect in your living room covered with amaranth wallpaper. You can choose from a solid or patterned background, the wallpaper has the essence of the vintage soul inside. Full glue, guaranteed result.

8. Amaranth parquet

A rarity and a gem of interior design: the amaranth colored parquet is only for those who want to give their living room total uniqueness. A niche product that contributes to making the living room truly over the top.

It is an artifact with a very high aesthetic sense, which lays the foundations for having fun with the furnishings. A dark leather sofa, a gold coffee table, and mustard-colored details. Everything is allowed because the absolute protagonist will be the parquet. The color takes on a lighter shade but looks great in both classic and modern homes. Eyes on the floor will never tire you.

9. Glass and crystals for the amaranth light points

Flashy and eye-catching, here is the proposal for the amaranth-colored chandelier. In fact, a detail like this cannot be missing in the living room, which screams its presence with full force. This light point of glass and crystals creates a play of colors and is certainly suitable for a classic-style living room.

The advice is to choose more light points and place them in different areas of the living room, combining them with the chandelier and lamps of the same style. Using some or all of the lights in your living room you can create a more informal or soft atmosphere.

 10. Amaranth color amaranth

In your living room, you can’t miss the amaranth color in the form of its natural symbol, the flower itself. Indoor plants, but also colorful flowers, are considered in all respects a piece of furniture.

In addition to amaranth flowers, there are many plants in nature that have this color. Roses, peonies, and so on and so forth. We advise you to alternate the amaranth-colored flowers with many succulent plants, which contribute to harmony.

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