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How to Prevent Leaks in Kitchens and Bathrooms

No homeowner wants to deal with the aftermath of a water leak so if you want your home to stay waterproof and dry, you should take care of potential leaks in the kitchen and bathroom before they have a chance to occur.

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Leaks are often difficult to detect and can cause considerable damage to your home. In addition, water can also lead to mould growth. Luckily, there are a few smart ways to prevent leaks before they happen and using a high strength sealant is a great place to start. When you need sealant or Silicone sealant remover, go to a site like

If you suspect a leak, you’ll want to act fast. First, you need to shut off your main water supply. Doing this will release water pressure in your house pipes. Run a tap into a sink or bath to see if you can hear a hiss. If there is sitting water on the floor, you should soak it up immediately as it could ruin the flooring. In the worst case scenario, you may need to contact a professional plumber to fix the leak but always turn the water off at the mains.

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Another method to prevent leaks is to use waterproof sealant. Leaks in kitchens and bathrooms can result in water damage to cabinets and floor tiles. To seal the gaps between the tiles, use a waterproof sealant. By following these tips, you can easily prevent leaks from your kitchen and bathroom. Areas to focus on include bath and shower surrounds, sinks and the base of the toilet.

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