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5 ways to inexpensively furnish your child’s room

It is always fun to decorate a nursery or baby room, without exceeding the limits! Discover these five tips and furnish your child’s room without hurting your budget.

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1. Child or standard size

Today you can decorate your child’s room with fabulous furniture to their size. They are available in a variety of colors and styles.

  • If it may be worthwhile to buy a small table and chairs (which you can find occasionally), remember that when it is old enough to go to school these pieces of furniture will have become too small for him.
  • To get your money is worth, it is best to buy standard sizes so you can continue using them when your child grows up.
child's room
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2. Personalize your child’s bed linen and curtains

You can give more subtlety to standard furniture by choosing child-friendly fabric for bed linen and curtains, and decorate child’s room the walls with a fun-filled border.

  • If you have a second child, you can replace the decoration relatively easily thereafter, at a lower cost.

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child's room
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3. Look for a double-function bed

When it is time to buy a large bed for your child’s room, consider choosing one with a mattress on a frame and drawers underneath.

  • If space is limited or if your children share a room, you can save space by having a storage space and a bed at the same time.
  • There are also storage boxes on wheels that you can slide under beds without drawer.
  • For older children and teenagers, consider a loft bed with storage space or a place to study.
  • Interior decoration stores, major department stores, and many other home furnishings offer a variety of styles and prices.
  • Prices, including bed, wardrobe, and desk, start at about $ 400.
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4. A simple way to create a private space

If two of your children share the same room, they probably require more privacy than your house can offer them.

Here are some low-cost suggestions to partition the rooms and give your children a little privacy.

  • Economic Libraries: Place a stand-alone library from height to height, between the two beds. Or look for open metal libraries (available in office furniture clearance stores) and bolt one side to the wall to prevent it from tipping over. Your children will have more privacy and a place to store their belongings.
  • Screens: make simple wooden frames or use light interior doors and join them with hinges. Cover them with fabric, or turn them into stand-alone display boards and let each child decorate his or her side to his or her tastes.
  • The curtain between beds: Save money on a curtain by dying an old cloth or use a pearl curtain of the 1960s style.
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5. Comfort with simple cushions

Buy a large cushion-shaped foam and make a simple cover.

  • The floor cushions allow children to huddle freely wherever they want.
  • They are also secure and easy to move by children.

Create a stack of old decorative pillows.

  • If you do not have them, buy them in the garage or second-hand stores and have them dry cleaned.
  • Allow your child to make his or her own little nest read or listen to music.

When creating a room for your child, it is best to incorporate his or her personal style into the design. Follow these tips to create a space that your child will love at a price you will love!

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