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5 clever ways to decorate at Thanksgiving

Autumn is a period that deserves a warm and natural decorative style that completes Thanksgiving. Consider the following 5 tips to bring an autumnal atmosphere to your home.

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1. Focus on harvesting

Traditional autumnal accents like corn leaves and squash can be very cheap during the late summer until fall.

  • Consider buying smaller squash like table decorations, and larger ones for your entry.
  • If your backyard space allows it, consider buying bales of hay from local farmers or farm supply stores to create simple accents outside the house – or even use them to create a scarecrow to put in the front yard.

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2. Install Fall Lighting

The best lighting for Thanksgiving decorations is a warm, diffuse light.

  • Look for yellow bulbs, especially after Christmas when the price for the lights goes down a bit.
  • Solar lights are also a great option to illuminate the exteriors of your home. Place simple pegs of solar lamps close to corn leaves, hay bales or scarecrows for a classic look.
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3. Amplify Nature

Regarding the exterior of your home, do not neglect the trees or shrubs when you decorate for Thanksgiving:

  1. Hang garlands of light and white light around trees and hedges.
  2. Fill a wheelbarrow with colorful leaves and some pumpkins.
  3. If you have rocks or stone elements in your garden, make the most of it with a projector or an autumn-themed projection.

4. Be generous with decoration

Thanksgiving is a time of generosity, so play with it by spreading fresh fruits and vegetables wherever you can.

  • Use baskets to create arrangements throughout the house.
  • Align multi-colored pumpkins on stairs or steps.
  • It is possible to find pumpkins of various colors, such as oranges, reds, yellows, green and white.
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5. Decorate the table

During Thanksgiving, the table should be the centerpiece of the house:

  • Create an enticing backdrop in the middle with the traditional cornucopia brimming with pumpkins or mini pumpkins.
  • For a more elegant look, spread autumn leaves and cedar branches in the center of your table.
  • Add flame-free flame candles through the branches and leaves to illuminate the decor. The lighting of these small practical lights is very flattering, warm and welcoming.

There is nothing that looks like a good party supper with family and friends during a crisp autumn. Use these suggestions to make your home a comfortable haven in which your friends and family want to spend Thanksgiving this year.

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