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A List of the Top Three Things You Need to Do to Make Your Move Official

When you are planning a move, there is undoubtedly a proper method to it – you have to plan your move by scheduling tasks a few weeks before the move, then you have to decide which items to keep and which items to throw away, and then you can begin packing. But there’s a lot more to a move than just packing. There’s also the question of making your move official by registering your change of address, informing the proper authorities, and more. Here’s a list of the top three things you need to do to make your move official.

  • Change your address

Changing your address takes some effort, but as long as you know what to do, it’s not that difficult. However, if you’ve lived in your current property for a good number of years, you’d have a lot of addresses that would need changing. To make this process easier, make use of the ‘change of address’ service offered by the Post Office. This can take up to 10 days to process, but your mail will then be redirected to your new location. Avail of the service 6 months to a year after your move so you can avoid lost mail.

  • Who to inform

Although you may be taking advantage of the ‘change of address’ service, it would still be a good idea to inform certain companies like utility companies and banks directly. For instance, 10 days before your move, let your utility companies (water, electricity, and gas) know that you are moving. It would be best to have written acknowledgment from them confirming their receipt of your information, especially if you end up paying your utility bills late because you didn’t receive the bill as expected.

Other companies to inform would be your provider for contents insurance (especially useful if you want added protection for your belongings), and other companies which provide you with a service and regular billing – such as your telecommunications provider, mobile service provider, and so on. Inform the Department of Work and Pensions about your move as well as Inland Revenue. You should also request for a council tax statement from your local authority; if you live in Gloucester and are moving to a completely new area, you may even get a refund, as confirmed by Gloucester removals services like Advanced Removals & Storage.

  • Other organizations to contact

Aside from the Department for Work and Pensions and Inland Revenue, you should also inform the VAT office, the banks and savings institutions you are dealing with, credit card providers, home and car insurance providers, TV and broadband providers, and home telephone providers.

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