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How to protect your home from burglary?

We are in the middle of summer and holidays make us leave our homes to enjoy a few days away from the routine. We leave our home, and this does not have to be a problem, but there is always a real disappointment: thefts. Thieves can take advantage of the chance. That we are out to sneak in and take everything they can. In addition to having a home theft insurance. It is interesting to put into practice these tips on how to protect your home from burglary to protect the house.

How to protect your home from burglary?

There are may way to protect your home. Here we discuss some amazing tricks on how to protect your home from burglary. Read our Ten tips to improve the security and prevent theft at home.

how to protect your home from burglary

Never leave the door without closing

How can we be sure that nobody is going to enter our house while we are away? The first advice and that everyone knows is that you should never leave the door without closing. Although it is not believed, it is a prevalent error that makes things much easier for thieves. Anyone can force the lock and access the house with any instrument. In the past, x-rays were even used to open the passage between the deadbolt without security. It happens when the door was dropped without locking it.

Don’t leave a hidden key near the door

Another common mistake that should be avoided at all costs is to leave a hidden key near the door. This “remedy” or memory for forgetful people. Those people who always leave their keys at home. It is fatal since it is what thieves seek first before entering a house. The most common is to hide the key under the entrance mat. But if we want to be sure that no one is going to enter the house. Let’s make things harder for thieves and keep the keys always on top.

Hire a good alarm system

how to protect your home from burglary

The main council, and with the objective of maximizing the security of our house. It is that we must hire a good alarm system. In most cases, the sticker of one of these companies at the door of the house is sufficient as a deterrent for thieves. The best security system must have an alarm and, if possible, a camera. In this way, the identity of the intruder and what is carried is well known. Given this, it is clear that the key to access to security should not be provided in any case to anyone outside the home.

Pretend that is inhabited

Undoubtedly one of the best tips when leaving the house, more if possible on vacation. It is to pretend that is inhabited. Do not leave the blinds completely down, have the latest technology in turning off and on the lighting and even ask someone nearby to spend a few minutes to pick up the mail from the mailbox and ventilate the floor. Something similar to giving the appearance of habitability is to take different routes back home when you return from work. In this way we avoid that the thief watches over us. We know our schedules and the path we always make back.

Beware of social networks

Public internet profiles can be more damaging than they seem at first. All because when discussing vacation plans the thief is told when it will be easier to steal. And since there is no greater social network than reality. It is also advisable that we do not discuss the plans with many people. Take it as a extra council.

how to protect your home from burglary

A bad habit is also being too kind. Sometimes we enter through our portal and at the same time a person who wants to enter appears. If we do not know her, the most sensible thing is to apologize and tell her that she cannot be let in. Better than a neighbor takes us for unfriendly, that someone unwanted sneaks into the building.

The last council is more destined to choose a good place to store the most valuable assets in our house. A safe that is not in view, a safe drawer of a shelf or even a package stored behind the clothes in the closet can be handy to hide what it is better not to steal. But if we do not like to leave valuable things in the house, the next council also goes around: we live in a time when technology is a great source of security. Keeping copies of important printouts on your computer and having online banking can save you from a rush.


The last two councils on how to protect your home from burglary, and perhaps for that reason more important, are aimed at what to do in case of facing a situation of the possible theft. If we find the door of our house open or a broken window, it is best not to enter and call the police immediately to register everything. This is essential since we do not know in advance if the thief or thieves are dangerous. And we also have to collaborate with the neighborhood, noting strange activity near the apartments to other neighbors.

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