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How to Make a Living Room Cozy

Many times, the lack of space is a topic that worries when decorating the home and making the rooms functional. Therefore, you must distribute the furniture rightly, choose the lighting that best suits your needs, and play with colors and imagination.

How to make a living room cozy?

Choose the type of environment you want to create. The first thing you have to do is choose the type of environment you want to create: for visits or family. Once you have chosen the style, think about the activities that are going to be done in the room, such as receiving friends, being with the family, reading, or entertaining.
Buy the essential furniture for the living room. Once you have defined the activities, you are going to do in your room, proceed to buy the furniture you really need and play perfectly with the distribution.

How to Make a Living Room Cozy

Use a super comfortable armchair

The main furniture in a room is the armchair and the companions. You must take great care of the way you have them. If space is what is left over, then I recommend that you place two sofas: a small one with two seats and the main one with three seats.

Get an armchair or an ottoman

You have to add to the sofa set an ottoman or an armchair, since it is the best way to achieve harmony. If you place them in a U-shape, you will create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, and at the same time, you would be creating a separate space within the room. In this way, the passageways or corners would be free, to put tables, small chairs, lamps that invite the conversation. You can even create a place where you can put the stereo and accessories.

Place the chairs in the most appropriate place

If the guests or the family sitting in the armchairs can see the faces, then you will get an intimate space that facilitates the conversation. Therefore, it is advisable to move the furniture, try and test until you get the right combination for the space you have.

“The main tools you should always keep in mind when buying new furniture are imagination and a plan.”

Put correct lighting

Lighting is essential to create cozy and elegant environments. If you want to turn a large space into a personal and warm environment, do not hesitate to rely on lighting. Believe it or not, darkness, shadows, and light can modify the style and space of the house.

The use of bulbs, lamps, and different light bulbs are great allies to transform the room in such a way that the house looks warm and comfortable. Always remember that lighting a room will reduce the charm of furniture, corners, and decorative accessories.

Therefore, it is better that you perfectly combine naturally with artificial light and direct with indirect light. If you want to add a touch of elegance and modernity to space. I recommend that you balance the lighting with groups of aromatic candles. It helps in providing a pleasant aroma will decorate the space.


If you have no idea how to start decorating or remodeling your room, don’t worry. Just read on and take note of the following tips:

Opt for furniture with complementary colors. This type of furniture is perfect to contrast or accentuate and differentiate the areas of permanence from those of passage.

Use the furniture you have. You don’t need to buy new furniture. The covers and cushions for armchairs will be of great help and will get you out of trouble.

Use dark colors. If you want to create smaller and super cozy spaces, opt for dark colors to paint the walls. Distribute the furniture very well. Do not put all the furniture concentrated in a single point, but you have to distribute them in the space you have and create sub-spaces.

Place a modern carpet. The carpet is essential to create the center of the room and define the spaces. Use indirect lights. These types of lights are perfect to create a warm and romantic effect in the room.

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