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How to prevent condensation around your downlights

All kitchens eventually have the same issue. They are, by their very nature, warm places. However, the surrounding area of the kitchen can be cold. When a warm environment meets a cold environment certain environmental factors come into play. One of the most concerning, and surprisingly destructive, is that of condensation.

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If you look at a single pane window, you can see the effects of condensation quite clearly. Windows are not able to keep out the heat as well as a thick insulated wall. As the warm inside air hits the cold of the glass it begins to form water droplets on the inside of the window. If left untreated this can lead to the rotting of window frames and even the promotion of mold spores and dampness, seen as black spots.

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One area where you do not want to have condensation is around the increasingly fashionable kitchen downlights. They are also known as pot lights. The lights generate a considerable amount of heat. Combining this with the cold of a room, you can see that condensation will start to form. This could create shorts in the electrical system, as water and electricity do not mix. Downlight Covers are what is required, like those from The cover channels the heat back into the room. In this way, the room is warmed so they also fulfil a “green” function.

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