When to Start Preparing for Baby Arrival

When to Start Preparing for Baby Arrival? Getting House Ready for Baby

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A baby can be something tiring and terrifying. Preparations, cleaning, and shopping is often one of the reasons for many parents’ stress. Besides this, the last days for the mother are difficult. Even more, if you need rest. Let’s find out when to start preparing for baby arrival.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to have a plan which must be put into action at least one month before the baby is born. There are some steps for getting house ready for baby that you could take to make the arrival enjoyable and smooth. And above all, so you can rest.

When to start preparing for baby arrival?

The days before the baby arrives home can be total chaos. Tidying up, cleaning, disinfecting and everything that involves leaving and keeping the house dust free and approves of children is a difficult task to achieve if you don’t have the guidelines you need. But, do not worry anymore, we will give you a complete guide on how to achieve it.

The first thing you should do is a thorough cleaning; If you think you have already cleaned, we tell you once that you have not done well. When a baby comes home, between the hours of sleeplessness, and fatigue will not give you time to clean in a long time. It is for this reason that you should get rid of anything you will not use. The less you have to clean a lot more time to rest.

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So decide in advance what furniture, accessories or items you will not need and look for a new home. Something you need to understand is that the baby’s things are going to take up most of the space in the house. It may not be the first day, but we assure you it will be that way for a long time.

When to Start Preparing for Baby Arrival

Baby’s first week at home

After waiting nine months to meet the baby, the time to bring him home has arrived; And the first week at home is an experience that parents cannot forget.

However, many parents say that the feeling they usually experience during these days is anxiety; especially those who are first-timers. There are some tips you can follow so that this anxiety or worry subsides and you can concentrate better on caring for the baby.

The first thing we should do is learn to get used to the baby’s routine. At first, it will be you who has to get used to it. After a while, you will be able to teach him a new routine gradually.

These days it is important to interpret and learn the types of cries he makes, which are for food or discomfort.

What should you know about this week?

The first thing is that newborns usually lose weight during the first four days, but this is because they release the fluid retention they gained during their birth. For this reason, you should not be alarmed, wait for the second weighing to be sure that something is wrong. In the meantime, follow the routine, but always staying alert about any sudden changes in your body.

One of the reasons why you should keep everything clean and disinfected is that babies at birth do not have the immune system fully activated. For this reason, it is important not only to keep the house clean but also to the baby; even more in the first days of the umbilical cord.

Prepare pets for the encounter with the baby

If you own a pet, the preparation you give before the encounter is very important; experts recommend that pets be prepared from the beginning.

It is important to train them; this way, they will know how to treat babies. Ideally, you have a place that is nothing more than your pet, so you will not feel that you are losing ground when the baby arrives. In addition, this place should be in a quiet place, because as they are animals, they tend to feel stressed when there is a lot of chaos near them. So, you will have a shelter that will be nothing more of them.

The second is to teach them that rough games are not allowed. Teach him that caresses throughout his body should be allowed and that if he bites, he can be scolded. In this way, you will avoid that if the growing baby plays with the pet, it will get hurt.

They also recommend that this training be done at least 5 times a day for 2 to 5 minutes. Although if you see that your pet is not responding in the best way to training.

Deep cleaning of the whole home

Days before the arrival of the baby, it is necessary to clean everything, as well as to disinfect it. It is necessary that the whole family be involved in this process because it will be necessary to use some chemicals that the mother probably cannot touch for her safety and that of the baby.

Every corner and corner, and especially the furniture where the baby will be, must be disinfected. Likewise, each of the rooms must be free of dust.

Here are some tips you can use when performing deep cleaning throughout the home:

Always start with the baby’s room: wash all the clothes you are going to use with previous soap, and organize it according to its use. In addition to clothes, you should also wash the sheets. Forget about teddy bears (unless they are hypoallergenic), but at least for the first few months, the baby should not interact with this kind of toys.

Then sterilize the baths: this is important, especially for the mother; since after birth, you will need curettage, and everything will have to be clean to avoid infections.

In the case of pets: It is necessary to deworm them before cleaning. In addition to the training, we have already explained.

If you have carpets in the house: the carpets are dust carriers and many times you can get mites in them. If you are not going to clean them, then get rid of them.

The products you are going to use that are neutral. This way, you will avoid strong odors that can become uncomfortable for both the mother and the baby.

Prepare the crib and the baby’s room in advance

The crib is the most important furniture in the baby’s room; For this reason, it is necessary that be not only comfortable but also safe. But how do we know that we buy a safe crib? Before buying it, we need to make sure that it is approved and complies with

Taking into consideration the safety of the baby, experts recommend that babies sleep during the first months with parents. In this way, the risk of sudden death can be reduced.

In this sense, the cribs must be resistant, and if possible, it is not made of any type of toxic material. It is best to disinfect the crib in advance to prevent the baby from getting sick or having an allergy.

In the room, it must be painted at least one month before the baby arrives, in order to avoid unnecessary odors. Avoid overloading the rooms with unnecessary furniture or items.

Buying a baby carrier and a children’s bathtub

One of the elements that we usually buy regardless of their design is children’s bathtubs. However, this can be a big mistake, since these have to be safe for babies, and thus avoid fatal accidents.

What you should look for in these are:

  • Make them ergonomic
  • Non-slip
  • Have different heights to use as the baby grows
  • It must not weigh more than 10 kg

And if possible, it is foldable to make it easier to save

In the case of the baby carrier, we find hundreds of models that we can use; But, you must follow certain standards to offer safety and comfort to the baby, and at the same time you can carry it without any problem.

From baby carrier backpacks to those we are used to seeing, you have to look at these things before buying one:

They must be ergonomic: many baby carriers usually make the baby stay by their genitals, which is usually painful over time; for this reason, the ideal position that the baby must-have in these is frog.

Support is necessary: ​​newborns need a baby carrier that gives them support, firmness, but no pressure points.
The adjustability is necessary so that moms or dads can use it without any problem. The material must be hypoallergenic and irritable for the baby.

Acquire items for breastfeeding

Other elements that you must acquire with time are the ones that you will use during breastfeeding; since these will facilitate this process. The elements that you will need are:

Breast pumps: there are two types, manual or electric; manuals are usually cheaper, but they don’t have that much force when it comes to pumping milk. The electric ones are usually preferred by mothers because they allow milk to be taken from two nipples at the same time. They tend to be more expensive.

Nipple or nipple shield: although many mothers use it to protect the nipple when it hurts, they are not very effective in the long run; since the baby is not sucking directly from the nipple, so it does not stimulate milk production. You have to use it very infrequently.

Milk soakers: they are those that help to collect the milk and thus prevent us from having an accident when we are not breastfeeding. These should be changed frequently to keep that area dry.

A special bra for nursing mothers: a bra for breastfeeding can be very necessary because it allows us to feed our baby more comfortable.

Ensure the temperature and humidity in the baby’s room

The baby needs an adequate temperature at bedtime, either during the day or at night, both are totally different. A good temperature can help the baby rest better.

During the day, your room should have a temperature between 22 ° to 24 ° degrees. While at night it should be between 20 ° to 18 ° degrees.

Another important aspect you should control is humidity. This is important as it will help dry any mucus you have in your airways. Therefore, you need to have a humidifier to help you breathe better.

Finally, you need to have your pediatrician’s data at hand; This way, you can act faster if you see that the baby is acting or feeling different.

Remember that the normal temperature for a newborn is between 36 ° to 37 ° if there is any variation between these, whether lower or higher it is time to call your doctor.

Ideally, both in the morning and at night you take its temperature and constantly monitor it.

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