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6 Things to Do Before Painting

Repainting your home is a great way to give it a whole new look. Do it yourself with these six tips telling Painting you what to do before you put on your brushes.

1. What to buy

High-end paints can save you money.

  • Cheap paints usually require two coats to properly cover the wall, doubling the cost.
  • Latex paints of poor quality also become chalky over time, which forces you to repaint everything.
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2. Choose the right finish

Different paint colors are available in gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell, satin and matt finishes.

  • Use a shiny or semi-gloss finish on the woodwork. In areas more prone to dirt, prefer semi-gloss or eggshell finishes.
  • The more glossy the paint, the stronger it is and the easier it is to clean.
  • On the other hand, the matte finish camouflages perfectly the imperfections and the retouches.
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3. Match rather than mix

Simplify your life. Use the same paint color on the walls and moldings, even if they do not have the same finish.

  • You will have less masking to make and retouching will be easier because splashing on walls or moldings will be virtually invisible.
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4. Choose the right applicator

Prefer the short haired rolls for smooth and longhaired walls for stucco, concrete, and textured surfaces.

  • Make sure that the ends of the roller are slightly beveled to prevent the paint from getting on the adjacent surfaces.
  • Choose a nylon and wool roll for alkyd (oil) paint, but opt for an all-nylon roll for latex paint. Similarly, opt for a natural bristle brush for alkyd and synthetic paint for latex.
  • Observe the brush at an angle. A good brush has a rounded edge; the bristles of a cheap brush are cut into a square.
  • Look at the ends of the hairs. The split ends allow better application of the paint and a smooth finish.
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5. Color Matching by Computer

If you want to repaint a piece of its current color, you must find exactly the right shade.

  • Cut a portion of the wall out of sight with a sharp knife and take a good size sample.
  • Bring this sample to a paint store with a computerized color matching system. This allows you to generate a recipe to produce exactly the right shade.
  • The computerized color matching service is usually free and avoids having to repaint the entire piece for years to come.

6. Preparing the wall before painting

  • Rub rubber gloves and wash the walls with disodium phosphate (PTS) or a PTS substitute. This powerful non-foaming cleaner is available at paint retailers and blends the finish of the wall so the paint adheres better.
  • Rinse thoroughly with a sponge and water. Let the wall dry.
  • Clean any mold with a mixture of one part water and one part bleach and rinse.
  • Repair holes and cracks in the wallboard or plaster. Scrape off the chipped paint and repair areas where the paint has peeled off by sanding the edges or coating the plaster area.
  • Fill the hollows and bumps of the woodwork with wood putty and the small nail holes with glazing mastic, then sand it all. Finally, sand the surface slightly.
  • Apply masking tape on moldings and trim; The new blue-colored masking tape is easier to use than traditional ribbons. Protect the floor with a canvas.
  • To prevent stains from appearing through the new paint, seal them with a stain sealer, available at paint stores and renovation centers. Oil and shellac sealants block spots better than those based on latex.
  • Then coat the wall with a latex primer, which is easier to clean but is as durable as the oil primer.

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