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5 brilliant ideas to save energy

Is your energy consumption constantly increasing? Here are 5 brilliant ideas for saving energy, decreasing your environmental footprint and mitigating shocks on your electricity or gas bills.

1. Take advantage of grants

The Government of Quebec’s Energy Efficiency Agency (EEA) offers an affordable inspection service. In some cases, the service may even be free.

This service is aimed at both tenants and owners. The expert will analyze your home and suggest modifications to improve energy efficiency. He will advise you on various subsidy programs that you can benefit from if you are eligible.

Consult the EEA website for a list of approved inspectors. www.aee.gouv.qc.ca

The governments of Quebec and Canada, as well as energy suppliers such as utilities and gas companies, offer several financial assistance programs to encourage energy conservation.

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2. Maintain or change your heating system

  1. Maintain your heating system

Whether you are using an electric system, gas, oil heating, heat pump or solar panels, a professional must check it at least once a year. Regular maintenance can save you up to 10% of your annual consumption … and lower your bill by as much

  1. Change your old heating system

Do not wait for your old heating system to fail to replace it. Even if it works well, if it is more than 10 to 15 years old, it is less effective 15 to 40% than a more recent system.

The new generation heating systems are much more efficient and they will save you dollars and energy to heat or cool your home. Choose ENERGY STAR® qualified devices.

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3. Install a programmable thermostat

Regardless of the energy, sources you use, solar panels, heat pump, electricity or gas, reduce heating when you are away, at night or when the sun floods the house.

Programmable thermostats are the ideal solution. No need to think about it when you leave home or when you go to bed late in the evening. Your thermostats will not forget. In addition, as they maintain a constant temperature, you will achieve significant energy savings.

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4. How do I read the EnerGuide label?

Appliances sold in Canada (refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washer, dryer) must be labeled with an EnerGuide label. It indicates the appliance’s energy consumption (in kilowatt-hours) in a year of normal use. You can compare the models and choose the most energy efficient.

Depending on the EnerGuide rating, the more the arrow points to the left on the scale that appears on the label, the less energy consuming the device is.

There is a good chance that even if your appliance costs a little more to buy, the energy savings that it will make you realize later will largely offset your investment.

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5. Clean your light bulbs

  1. Lack of space

A bulb that lacks space, because it is too close to the ceiling, a wall or its lampshade, is consumed more quickly.

To solve this problem, move the luminaire to leave enough space and air circulates and refreshes the bulb.

  1. Too much power

If you use a bulb with a power that is too high for the capacity of your fixture, the filament of the bulb will not support it for long.

Use a lower power bulb or a compact fluorescent bulb. The label affixed to the socket in which you screw the bulb indicates in watts the maximum power that your luminaire tolerates.

  1. The vibrations

Too much vibration weakens the bulb. For example, for a lamp placed near a door that often opens and closes, use a compact fluorescent bulb that is less fragile.


Let us remember that the cheapest energy is always the one that has not been used!

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