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Custom made furniture will help maximise your space.

Each time a birthday or Christmas occurs, do you find yourself becoming increasingly concerned about where you’re going to store it all? Finding a home for all the family’s belongings can be challenging, but before thinking that you’re going to have to move home, here are some useful tips for creating some much-needed extra storage […]

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How to prevent rugs slipping on your floor

Slipping rugs can be a dangerous problem and can cause significant injury when least expected. There is nothing worse that purchasing a nice rug to place in front of the  Reception Chairs that you got from stockists like and finding that when your visitors stand up they slip on the rug. Fortunately, there are […]

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The bedroom – past, present and future

Today’s typical sleep setting is not too far from the way it was 77,000 years ago. The oldest bed in the world is 77,000 years old, found in South Africa by a team of archaeologists. Measuring two square meters and a depth of 30 cm, it was made of reeds and rushes covered with a […]

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How to clean cutlery so it sparkles?

One of the most used materials for cutleries is stainless steel. Anyway, remember that the durability of these cutlery does not necessarily mean that they are never damaged. As they are long lasting, stainless steel cutlery does not need complicated cleaning techniques, as long as you consider them suitable for cleaning them. Knowing the right methods […]

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The Modern Ceiling Rose: How Did We Get Here?

Traditionally used in the middle of the ceiling, roses provide an attractive decoration and a neat way to hide the wiring for a centre light. Commonly an afterthought when considering room decoration, a modern ceiling rose can be a key feature, bringing out a room’s feel and tying together decorative accents. Image Credit What Are […]