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How to clean oven with cooking products

If there is a household appliance that is too lazy to clean is the kitchen oven, especially when it is burned or has a lot of accumulated fat because you have to face a good cleaning session until it is impeccable. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why it is leaving. And this is worse because every time it will accumulate more dirt and burn even more.

Fortunately, this process can be much easier and faster in the hand of a series of products that are for sale in any store, drugstore or supermarket, although it is also possible to use natural remedies and homemade tricks. Here, we will explain how to clean the burned oven. So, you know everything you have to do and it will be as good as new.

How to clean oven

How to clean oven

Whenever you think about how to clean the oven very dirty, come to mind different products that are used in the cleaning of the kitchen as usual and that help to eliminate fat in a quicker and easier way. These products are a good alternative to clean the burned oven.

The truth is that there are many brands, including some specific to the oven. You can choose the one you want, but it is always important that you use it well to achieve good results. Normally, the instructions for use are detailed in the product itself although, in general, they are all used in a very similar way:

  1. Take the product and spray well inside the oven. It is important that you do not leave a single area that you have to clean and that is dirty or burned.
  2. It also pulverizes the exterior panels, since the cleaning of the oven does not only have to be done inside.
  3. Put the oven as if you were cooking, but without trays, and choosing a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes, leaving the oven door a little open so that the gases can escape and not stay inside. This will make it easier for dirt and grease to soften. Anyway, there are some products in which you just have to wait for it to work without having to heat the oven.
  4. Once the time has passed and allowed the oven to cool a little to avoid burning, you have to pass a very wet cloth through all the areas where you have sprayed the product.

For the inside of the oven, you can put a mitten to catch the cloth and avoid possible burns. Clean the oven burned with vinegar, baking soda, and lemon

To clean the oven, there are also a number of natural products that help to clean effectively. Many people wonder if this type of products and natural remedies are really effective. The answer is affirmative. That is, they can be used. Therefore, we will talk about the most effective, in addition to explaining how to clean a dirty oven with them:

1. Clean the oven with vinegar

Clean the oven with vinegar

This product is very useful for cleaning the oven very dirty because it has disinfectant and antibacterial properties. The best way to use it is:

Put on a baking tray 2 glasses of water and 1 of vinegar. Then turn on the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes so that the vapors that are generated by the heat will release the dirt. Then, you just have to pass a very wet cloth to remove all the loose dirt.

2. Clean the oven with baking soda

Clean the oven with baking soda

Bicarbonate is also widely used in cleaning because it helps to whiten and remove fat easily. In addition, in combination with vinegar, it becomes an exceptional product to clean the burned oven. The use is easy:

Make a mixture with 10 tablespoons of baking soda, 4 hot water and 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Apply it throughout the oven. Let it act a couple of hours or, if possible, all night. Then, just rinse with plenty of water with the help of a cloth. For more information, you can read this other article on How to clean the oven with baking soda.

3. Clean the oven with lemon

Clean the oven with lemon

This citrus with great disinfectant power is another good remedy to clean dirt from the oven. The mode of use is extremely easy. You just have to do the following:

Put a tray with water inside the oven in which the juice of a lemon will be poured. Apart, you must also enter the shell. Next, put the oven at an average temperature and wait 30 minutes for it to take effect. Then, you just have to rinse with a damp cloth. This way you will have the oven clean and also free of bad odors.

Clean a very dirty and burned oven and leave it as new

Regardless of whether you have chosen to clean a very dirty oven or one of the natural products that we have proposed, the process of cleaning the oven would be completed with the steps indicated above for each case.

However, you can go even deeper into cleaning to make the oven look like new. It is very simple too. It’s about cleaning it again, although you will not have to rub and everything is much faster. In particular, these are the steps you must take:

  • Soap the oven with neutral soap, such as the one used to wash the dishes.
  • Rinse it well with the help of a damp cloth, removing all traces of soap.
  • Dry the whole oven with kitchen paper so that it is completely shiny.

With these tips and tricks on how to clean the burned oven. Here, we hope we have helped you to know how to clean a very dirty oven and to do it in a more comfortable way and, above all, without having to scratch. Always consult the instruction manual of the oven -such as the instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Before using any product, whether prepared or natural.

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