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What is the purpose of a soil pipe?

What is a soil pipe?

Essentially, a soil pipe is a pipe that carries wastewater from the toilet or the sink to a soil drain or a sewer. Soil pipes usually run vertically from the underground drainage system, up to the roof gutter. They are designed to transport the waste from the upper floor (bathroom, toilet and sink) to the underground drainage system.

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It is just one of many pipes you will find in your home – the main two that deal with waste are soil pipes and waste pipes.

Remember that if your soil pipe is defective, you (if you are the owner) may be responsible for carrying out remedial works, under Section 59 of the Building Act 1984.

Pipe protectors are a great solution for damaged rainwater down pipes, damaged soil pipes, guttering, and even some gas and electric pipework. Most are made of galvanised metal and are available in a range of colours. They can be used in industrial or residential settings.

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Soil pipe v waste pipe

Despite having some similarities, there are a number of key differences between the two.

Waste pipes are there to carry water and other liquids (usually from bathrooms or kitchens) away from the property to the nearest sewers/drains. In contrast, soil pipes carry soiled waste from toilets or urinals (but not water and liquid).

It is important to know the difference between the two sorts of pipes. One reason is to ensure that you don’t send materials down the wrong drain as this can result in blockages and bad smells. Soil pipes are often vented differently to waste pipes and this means that they can cope with different materials. Modern soil pipes are vented in a way that means methane and other gases can escape into the atmosphere without lingering.

Waste pipes

Waste pipes are usually smaller in diameter than soil pipes and they take the used water from your sinks, washing machine, showers, dishwasher, etc. away. They are designed only to carry water that does not tend to generate harmful gases. They empty their contents into the main sewer.

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