Construction of Waterproof Deck Over Living Space With Ceramic Tiles

Roofs with ceramic tile allow building high-quality homes adding value to buildings. Among which we can highlight the aesthetic value, maximum energy efficiency, durability, minimum maintenance, comfort, and habitability. The waterproof deck over living space have been present in the architecture for thousands of years and are still very topical. Multiple examples of design buildings found among the high referents of modern architecture.

Ceramic tiles are popular worldwide for their high quality and the wide range of products, colors, and finishes. It allows them to incorporate into the most contemporary architecture.

In this article, we will present the advantages of the waterproof deck over living space. With micro ventilation under roof tiles and dry fixation of the pieces. In front of the traditional roof, not micro ventilated and with fixing of the tiles with mortar. Continue reading 6 Feng Shui techniques to attract good energy to your home.

Waterproof deck over living space with ceramic tileWaterproof Deck Over Living Space

Ceramic tiles are covering elements for placement on sloping roofs. They can define as pieces obtained by pressing or extruding, drying and firing, a clay paste. It used for the embodiment of the sealing element of the cover. This sealing achieved by the characteristics of the material itself, the shape of the pieces, the overlaps between them. Put their correct placement.

The designs of the ceramic tiles have been evolving from the curved tile and the mixed tile to the flat tile. Those straight lines conform to the standards of the most innovative architectural designs. The addition of additives and the application of surface treatments allow different colors and finishes to be obtained.

New architecture with ventilated tile roofs

In addition to the tile base part, the manufacturers have special pieces of ceramic tiles to solve the singular or discontinuity points of the roof. Ensuring with them air tightness, uniformity, and aesthetics in the roof.

Ceramic tiles have CE marking, complying with all the technical specifications defined. Tile manufacturers submit their products to rigorous and constant quality controls providing the maximum guarantee of their good behavior for use as coverage of the building.

We say thanks to tiles high-quality standards. It is highly valued internationally and is in high demand in many countries around the world.

New dry roofs ventilated with ceramic tiles

Traditionally the assembly of the ceramic tiles has been done using pastes or mortars for fixing. This type of assembly does not allow micro ventilation under the tiles. It can lead to the appearance of condensation on the ceramic pieces, and consequently, to problems of frost and mold.Waterproof Deck Over Living Space

The new waterproof deck over living space of ceramic tile eliminate the use of said pastes and mortars, using nails, screws, clips, hooks or staples. For the fixation of the tiles instead, either on the discontinuous support (battens) or continuous support (corrugated plates, etc.). The US manufacturers of ceramic tile offer the auxiliary elements and special ceramic pieces essential to correctly execute a dry inclined roof.

Next, a scheme of the micro-ventilated roof with discontinuous support. It is collected pointing out some of its components.

This type of assembly allows the micro ventilation between the coverage of the tile. It supports by the entry of air through the lower part of the roof. Through the eaves and the valleys. It is exit through the upper part of the roof, through of the ridge and the hipsters.

In summer, the air contained between the tile roof and the support, when heated. It rises by convection towards the air outlet of the ridge and hippocampus. That is allowing the entry of cold air through the eaves and the valleys. This internal circulation of the air produces the cooling of the cover.

In winter, the air contained between the tile roof and the support is heated. But not enough to favor convection, conserving heat.

Micro-ventilation has multiple advantages in ceramic tile roofs among which we can highlight the following:

It cushions temperature changes and substantially improves the thermal behavior of the roof in hot climates.
Produces the drying of tiles, preventing moisture from stagnating between the tiles and the support and the appearance of condensation, eliminating the problems of frost and mold.

Extends the useful life of the thermal insulation and waterproofing

Waterproof Deck Over Living Space

This type of roof, having better technical performance, represents an evolution with respect to traditional roofs. So, its use is highly recommended in any area of the USA. Being mandatory in areas of humid and cold climate and with a higher altitude than the 700 meters.

In addition to the advantages of the waterproof deck over living space, the dry fixation of the ceramic tile supposes a significant reduction in the execution times of the roof, with respect to the mortar fixing of the tile.

Design and execution of waterproof deck over living space

Regarding the design aspects, it is worth highlighting the content of the standard regarding the minimum slopes. And the overlaps and fixation of each type of tile depending on the slopes of use. As well as the execution of the support, the rethinking of the skirt and the execution of the singular points.

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