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Tips on redecorating your bedroom on a budget

Without doubt, the one place in the home which should be both relaxing and luxurious is the bedroom. Initially, you may think that achieving a luxurious bedroom is likely to cost a small fortune, however this neednt be the case. By making a few quick and simple changes, you can transform the look and feel of your bedroom in no time at all. Outlined are a few tips for creating that perfect bedroom:

Make your Bed the Focal Point

Naturally, your bed should be the one piece of furniture which defines your bedroom.  Invest in a good, large, solid bed.  The good news is, you don’t need to splash out on a brand new one to get the desired effect you want. Online auction sites, such as eBay, sell very good second-hand beds.  Add a large dramatic headboard, and add beautiful canopy bed curtains to add style and focus. Choose sheets which have a high thread count, and accessorise by adding lots of cushions for extra style and comfort.

Use Wall art to add Decoration

Wall decor is an excellent option, and can add vibrance and style to any modern or traditional bedroom.  Choose decals for your walls , if you want to transform a blank wall space within a matter of minutes.  Wall stickers are a fantastic, low cost solution for adding style and decoration to your bare walls.  Place an oversized piece of Wall art directly behind your bed to enhance the overall focal point of your bedroom.

Choose High quality flooring

Changing the flooring can instantly change the look and feel of any dull or uninspired bedroom. If you prefer hardwood flooring rather than carpeting, opt for a style which has a refined finish. Alternatively, if carpets are more your style, choose a good quality carpet with a high dense pile. If you find your budget won’t stretch as far as buying a new carpet or flooring, a few nice coloured rugs can really work wonders.

Accessorize your old curtains

If your curtains are in desperate need of a revamp, the good news is, they can easily be brought back to life; without the hassle or expense. Use colourful beads, buttons, patterns, and diamantes to make them more appealing. Simply stick on the diamantes, which can be purchased from pound shops. Thread beads, buttons and patterns onto your curtains. This will instantly change the feel and give your curtains an instant boost. 

Add some Greenery

If your bedroom is rather dark, add some greenery. Ferns and spider plants are perfect for adding extra light. You can purchase these plants from any respectable garden centre.

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