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Three Places in your Home Where you Can Set up a Home Office

Since last year the way that many of us work has changed a great deal. The lockdown in March saw vast changes sweep across the world and made working in many industries a huge challenge – and although there were some companies that were lost due to this, many quickly adapted and even grew during this period of uncertainty.

As people have now headed back to workplaces, many companies have seen the benefits both to the business and to the staff that came from the changes that were made during lockdown and have decided to stick with some of them – working from home is one of these, where many people benefitted from being able to work from home. Not having to commute to work can also only be a good thing for the environment, and a lot of people have now decided to work from home permanently.

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One of the biggest challenges of home working is making sure that you have a suitable space to work in as well as the things that you need to be able to do the job properly – as well as a place to work, you should have the correct furniture for the office to make sure that your posture is correct and avoid back injuries you will need a decent chair like these from office chairs Gloucester based company Severn Furnishing Ltd.

But first things first, finding a space for an office in your home can be tough and requires a bit of creative thinking – here are some good home office ideas…

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An Office Garage –  A garage makes a great place to set up a home office. Separate enough from the house to be able to close the door on it at the end of the day it is a large space too, so if you have things that you want to keep in there, there will still be plenty of room in there to do so. Make sure that you have access to electricity and of course heating in there for the colder months too.

Office Partition – If you don’t have a spare room to use for an office, you could partition a part of one room off to create an office space. This is best done in a room that doesn’t have a lot of hustle and bustle as not only would your peace and quiet be affected but it will stop the normal running of the household and affect other family members. A screen or divider is a good way to shut the office area off from the rest of the room, so you have a truly separate space.

Under Stairs Cupboard – An under stairs cupboard is a great place to create and office area. Get some lighting in there and have a clear out and you can easily set up a small sanctuary to work from under the stairs, nicely tucked away from the main part of the home.

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