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The Repair Shop

If you’ve watched the BBC television show The Repair Shop, you too have probably been drawn in by the magical feel of the location and the fascinating backstories of the people who take their antiques there to be renovated.

Many people have been asking who are the experts on the show? Is the location a real place and how do people appear on the show to get their beloved items restored?

Many of the experts who appear on the show do in fact run their own businesses and the location for filming isn’t a real repair shop but can be found at the Weald and Downland Museum in West Sussex. The Court Barn and Victorian smithy are both used in the filming of the show.

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Some of the items that appear on the show, only a select few experts in the country have the expertise required to restore them. The show has highlighted the incredible skills and knowledge of the country’s top craftspeople.

Most of the contestants for the show were found through social media and are lucky enough to have their repairs carried out free of charge. A donation to charity is a welcome option but it’s not expected. These are repairs that would likely have otherwise many hundreds of pounds. If all this talk of antiques and renovation has inspired you to find your own treasures then, why not visit a Reclamation Yard in Ireland?

The BBC 2 series have received glowing reviews and is the perfect lesson in renovating, restoring and reusing instead of being part of a throwaway culture. Some incredible treasures have been unearthed, just sitting in the homes of normal people and it’s exciting to see their transformation.

The much-loved heirlooms of many families have been nursed back into good health by the team of experts. Featured items include an 80-year-old instrument used to entertain in the bomb shelters of the London Blitz and an old, cherished timepiece. Other similar vintage items can be found by visiting a Reclamation Yard Ireland.

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The different episodes feature chipped pottery from the 1960s being restored and a furniture restorer working on a military campaign chest that has seen action in several historic campaigns. Often, such repairs and restoration are being carried out as a surprise for a family member due to its huge sentimental value.

There are rare Royal Doulton ornaments that have had their heads knocked and glued back on with egg whites! The ceramics expert has her work cut out on that project, that’s for sure! The show also features a silversmith who works magic on precious items including hairbrushes and magnifying glasses.

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