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Furnishing a studio apartment: 8 style ideas

Which style to choose? How to make the most of the spaces? Which accessories are suitable? Let’s see together 10 style ideas for furnishing a studio apartment.

Although it may seem a restrictive choice, nowadays it is becoming more and more popular, either for comfort or for necessity but the studio apartment turns out to be a popular destination for many. Being able to have a single compact environment, where it contains everything you need, allows you to avoid the superfluous, risk of accumulation and saves time and money.

Local suitable for those who do not suffer in tight spaces but above all proves to be suitable for the most disparate styles of furniture. Being able to embellish the open space environment with a single design allows you to create an essential but at the same time full apartment.

1. Bohemian style

Eccentric and refined, this furniture line certainly does not go unnoticed. Rich in details that recall the personality of those who set it up, this style is characterized by bright tones and particular objects.

In a bohemian studio apartment, it might seem to have a set of meaningless items but it is enough to stop and observe to understand that in reality, each object tells something. The exuberance finds space in the colors, materials, and combinations and you will be sure to never fall into the gross but you will always keep a look chic.

2. Boho style

Born from the recovery, the enhancement of the simple and the aim to reveal a relaxed atmosphere almost in a spiritualistic vein.

The Boho style is characterized by simple materials, such as wood, jute, and raffia, light colors mixed with warm shades of orange and yellow ocher. A good dose of greenery is never lacking in a Boho apartment which thus acquires a call to nature.

3. Industrial Style

The style in question is characterized by decisive and peculiar details, certainly, the choice of furnishing in an industrial way gives the studio a decisive and safe appearance.

The strong colors of black, brick red, yellows, and intense blues will make the environment unique. Furniture in wood and iron, a completely black kitchen modeled on the unusual colors of the bricks on the wall.

4. Minimal style

Minimal is essentiality, few accessories, simple colors without flashy tones or whimsical patterns. The studio apartment is perhaps one of the apartments that best suits this style precisely because the small spaces allow to reduce even the furnishings and with this from life simply to the minimal style. A play of chiaroscuro on the walls recalled in the colors of the linen and the carpet and contrast with the white of the furniture.

5. Modern style

Style of our times for this very charming is considered a style that will never go out of fashion. The particularity of using materials and shapes that would never become obsolete and therefore will retain their charm.

Gigantic photographic prints as a picture above the bed almost to give the impression of traveling that city. An open and visible bookcase can become a way to divide the rooms of a studio flat. At the same time, a chic but casual atmosphere is created with the modern design of the studio apartment.

6. Shabby style

Light colors, simple fabrics, and recovered furniture are a must of the Shabby style. A studio apartment furnished following this form of design can almost acquire a perspective of enlargement, thanks to the light shades, useful in the case of small sizes of the house itself.

A series of prints with elegant motifs enrich the walls that would risk remaining anonymous if simply painted white or cream. Cotton and wood are peculiarities of this style of furniture that give the studio a sort of melancholy of the past.

7. Urban Zen style

Plants, eco-leather, and iron are the basis of the Urban Zen style. Although it is possible to use light shades, the contrasts are very present and generated by the furnishing accessories that enhance a simple but meanwhile energetic style.

Clean lines, an elegant environment surrounded by green plants. Although the Asian imprint is strongly present, we find a preponderant urban component. We, therefore, have a mixture of Zen preciousness and cosmopolitan, modern, and multicultural reality.

Thus a brown eco-leather sofa becomes the protagonist of the living area of ​​the studio apartment, a skeleton of the black iron shelves and light gray walls. All nuances to be taken up in the furniture of the apartment to create an oriental and modern atmosphere.

Urban jungle in modern living room interior with big comfortable leather couch and coffee table.

8. Scandinavian style

This style of furniture may be dull but in reality, it instills a great quiet. Simple and not at all artificial and although it reminds us of Nordic environments. And design does not create a cold and detached atmosphere but is comfortable and harmonious.

Light colors of cream and gray, accessories in fir wood. And walls covered with prints and writings give it a modern tone. The Scandinavian-style studio apartment manages to combine elegance and style with sober details.

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