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How to stop a roof leak in the rain

The leaks are a nuisance that we usually detect when the rains started. Eliminating them is crucial to keeping our home dry and comfortable. Repair leaks instantly with specialized products, no matter the weather. If we do not have very advanced knowledge in masonry or waterproofing, today there are products that help us fight the problem of leaks with optimal results and quickly. Keep safe your house from extreme weather. Let’s discuss how to stop a roof leak in the rain and roof waterproofing methods.

How to stop a roof leak in the rain

How to stop a roof leak in the rain

Can you cover leaks even with rain? Yes, there are current products that help us solve this problem quickly and easily. One of these products is Protexa’s Hidroplast, a cold application cement made with asphalt plastic, added with minerals and special additives that make it close the leak even with rain and high level of humidity.

When waterproofing, it is important to take into consideration the type of roof that will be treated. We give you tips to waterproof flat roofs like a professional.

To waterproof flat roofs, it is recommended to use acrylic, cementitious or prefabricated waterproofing systems. At the time of treating this type of roofing, waterlogging is common because the water does not have an outlet on its own. So, we should know that for this type of roof it is not favorable to use asphalt waterproofing, as the waterlogging is very small that they are. It could re-emulsify the system that we are applying.

Steps to apply Hidroplast


  1. First, the surface must be clean, free of dust and falsely adhered material, preferably on a primary layer.
  2. In rainy conditions, it is recommended to sweep the excess water in the slab before applying the HIDROPLAST plastic cement.
  3. It is applied with the spatula, extending and filling the crack.
  4. The yield is 5 to 7 linear meters per liter.

Repair dry leaks

Another ally when it comes to repairing leaks is Presto’s Hydrolock. A band or waterproofing tape, integral and flexible, consisting of two faces formed by cold adhesive butyl and a surface that facilitates its elongation and contraction without affecting its integrity.

Its utility lies mainly in that it can be used in a wide variety of materials such as concrete, cement, plaster, brick, partition, building panels, aluminum, acrylic, polycarbonate, among others. It is of great help, in repair works of concrete cracks or fibro-cement.

Roof waterproofing methods

Roof waterproofing methods

Generally, to waterproof, we hire an expert. However, there are cases in which for reasons of budget or interest in learning we decided to carry out the repairs of the home ourselves. If this is your case, we give you 5 tips to waterproof a roof.

Before waterproofing:

  • Check if the roof already has a previous waterproofing system. It is important that, if the slab was already treated, the new product will be compatible with the one previously applied.
  • Determine if the slab is flat or inclined. The emulsified formulas are not suitable for flat slabs since even the smallest ponding can re-dissolve the system.
  • Consider the type of climate in the area where you live or apply the waterproofing. If it is a place with a cold or extreme heat you have to use specific products for each situation.
  • Thoroughly clean the area to be treated before applying the product. The surface must be free of dust, grease, water, cracks and loose parts. The concrete should be moist but not waterlogged.

Generally, it is used as a complement to liquid waterproofing systems, in roofs, seals leaks and is useful in humid areas. Now, you know the products that will help you get rid of the annoying leaks in an instant and no matter the weather. Forget about battling and eliminate them already, with Hidroplast and Hidrolock. For more information, ask your trusted advisor through our chat service in the lower right corner.

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