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Small bathroom color ideas in low light

Many of us have small bathrooms, and many, too, have small bathrooms with little or no natural light. Even though painting is not often used in this room, many people use it to cover both walls like ceilings. So, you have to find a color that “understands” the characteristics of the bathroom. Its scarce space as well as it’s limited natural light so that it enhances or at least does not increase the disadvantages of the bathroom. Let’s see the small bathroom color ideas with low light.

Small bathroom color ideas

With this premise in mind and based on the two most outstanding features, little space + little light. There are some colors that we will see below, which work very well under those circumstances.

Color white

Color white

It is without a doubt the most common option. The color enhances light and space. It also combines with the rest of colors. Do not underestimate the color white. It is elegant, pure, clean and timeless. These qualities make it perfect for small spaces that receive little natural light.

If we opt for the white color, we also have the option of applying it in a matte finish or with some gloss, that is, satin (with a medium gloss), or gloss finish, which is the finish that has the most shine.

The more brightness there is, the more the light will reflect and, therefore, the more luminous and spacious the bathroom will appear. The question here is whether you like the gloss finish or not. It is true that this type of paint finishes are seen less and less, opting for matte finishes. But, of course, that is your decision.

If pure white does not finish convincing you, you can always “smear” it a bit to add a little nuance of another color. For example, with the red tint, by casting a very small drop in the white paint to tint the white, we can obtain a white with a very subtle touch of pink.

I have put the red tint as an example, but we can use any other toner to add a shade to the white if its purity does not go completely with us.

Light gray

Light gray

It may seem that gray is not an appropriate color for a small space and in low light, and it is true; but not with all the grays or their finishes.

Grays in low tones and especially in the glossy finish will trick the eye into making it look brighter. Also, the gray color is associated in the collective imaginary with elegance, an adjective that the mind associates with amplitude.

The gray should be a light tone and with some brightness. It is not necessary that we choose the total gloss finish, with the satin we will also create that effect.

Pale pink

Pale pink

The pale pink is a color that, despite being in the warm part of the chromatic circle, also has characteristics of colors that are in the cold part of the circle. This means that it shares the best of the effects between cold and warm colors. On the one hand, it is a warm color, which generates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. On the other hand, it is a color that tends to “move away,” like all cold colors, which can help us create a feeling of greater amplitude.

As if that were not enough, the pink favors the complexion, a topic that has nothing to do with this blog, but that does not mean you have to leave it without aiming. Many photographers or lighting designers use pink light bulbs to minimize wrinkles and make models look younger.



The color yellow is the color of sunlight; it is a warm color. This being the case, this color creates or helps to create warm environments in spaces where there is no natural light. It’s an artificial feeling, a ruse, but all the colors have some that we can use. The yellow one, to give warmth to a room that lacks natural light, is perfect.

Better to choose light yellow tones, which combine better and give a greater sense of warmth than the more saturated tones.

Also, it is not necessary to paint the entire bathroom with yellow. We can only paint one wall, or the ceiling or create a base, and still, we will enhance the light and the warmth of the bathroom. It is a color with great strength.



Blue is the cool color par excellence as well as one of the most relaxing colors. In medium and low tones, blue, like all cold colors, ” move away.” What favors to create the feeling that the bathroom is wider? If we choose a clear tone, it will favor the lighting. Besides that, being a very relaxing color, it can create a perfect atmosphere for the bathroom, a Very conducive place to relax. Combined with white. It also creates modern bathrooms. And it also combines very well with chrome finishes, which tend to abound in bathrooms.

Although these colors that we have presented for small bathrooms, they are focused on painting, as we have seen in the images, they can also be added with tiles. That is, it is not mandatory to have to paint the bathroom to introduce these colors. Through ceramic and furniture we can also inject these colors that we have just seen.

Do you want to suggest small bathroom color ideas?

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