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Repair common problems to make the furniture last longer

The majority, for many reasons, prefers wood furniture. Although they are durable and aging well, they also lend themselves to some common problems. Learn how to repair this yourself so that you will not have to replace your beloved furniture.

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Remove candle wax

Oh, damn! Candle wax sank on your beautiful table. Do not worry; it is easy enough to remove.

  • First, scratch as much of the wax as you can with your finger, a plastic kitchen scraper, or a piece of stiff cardboard.
  • Sometimes putting a plastic bag filled with ice on the wax helps to harden it and lessen its grip.
  • If the weather is cold and dry, and the table is small enough, you might even leave it out for an hour or two in order to let the wax harden.
  • Once you have removed most of the wax, remove any residue with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits or cream furniture wax.
  • After removing any wax, repolish the entire table using wax or furniture finish.

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Trapping insects in a bag

Insects, such as ostriches, can infest wood and leather furniture, as well as furniture filled with horsehair.

  • Their larvae can cause damage by digging in the pieces of wood and by creating tunnels.
  • If you find a material that resembles fine sawdust under your furniture, chances are that you have an active infestation and not a mere damage from a long time ago.
  • Place the contaminated piece in a plastic bag and contact an extermination company that can fumigate the item.
  • Pay particular attention to infestations on pieces stored in a garage or basement; Check them well before bringing them home.
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Tighten the chair seals

Nothing will accelerate the disappearance of a wooden chair, such as a kitchen chair or a rocking chair, faster than using when the carpentry is loose.

  • A chair is designed to carry its load on the ground, but if the vertical wobbles, it could soon drop its load, not wear it!
  • Set aside a flickering chair until you can disassemble the frame frames. A rubber mallet can be useful. (Do not disassemble the fixed seals).
  • First, scrape the old sealant glue using a sharp utility knife. Use a solution of equal parts of hot water and vinegar to remove any glue residue and allow drying.
  • Check the fitting of the seals.
  • If there is one loosened, glue a small strip of cotton to thicken the tendon or ankle of the jamb.
  • Finally, reassemble it with yellow joiner glue.
  • Wipe glue residue immediately. To secure the joints while the glue dries, use clamps shaped from twisted cord loops using a pencil or stick until they are tight.
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Straighten the box-shaped furniture

The usual cause of cabinets and libraries that are not at right angles is because the rear panel is detached or it has been removed.

  • The back panels are normally made of plywood or thin cardboard.
  • Reassemble it (or a new one) on the back of the cabinet on the sides, top and bottom using finishing nails or small screws.
  • It is often all that needs to be done to add many years of useful life to precious wardrobes and libraries.

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