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Recycled Pallet furniture ideas for your decorated house

The furniture pallets of wood we all know are becoming an art. Also called pallets or furniture pallets. The wooden pallets are reaching their peak in design, with fresh decoration ideas for their use that are also transforming spaces and transferring their usual recycling to the borders of the most modern architecture, the most spectacular […]

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How to make compost fertilizer yourself step by step

What is Compost? Compost is a type of earth made from organic waste. It is obtained from a process called composting, in which microorganisms decompose organic matter to form earth. The compost is a land of excellent quality, planting your plants in compost you have very low chances that your plant fails due to this […]

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Creating the Perfect Playroom

A playroom is the perfect place for kids to play and let their imaginations be free, without being in the rooms of the house that may be more dangerous or not suitable. You may not want, or have room to build a whole new extension to your home to accommodate it but you could convert […]