Tips and tricks to keep refrigerator clean and tidy easily

Refrigerator is the household appliance of our living space. Its importance cannot describe in a minute. Keep refrigerator clean. We give you some useful tips to have the refrigerator clean and tidy so that it works at full capacity, safety and saving energy. We give you some simple tips to have ordered the refrigerator.

How to keep refrigerator clean

keep refrigerator clean

When setting up a kitchen, the location of the appliances is key. Installing the refrigerator away from heat sources is key to achieving optimal performance of the appliances. It will be reflected in a saving of consumption. Keep this in mind whenever you are going to carry out a kitchen reform. Keep reading: How to protect your home from burglary?

Remember, do not leave the refrigerator door open for long. Plan the ingredients you will need before opening the door. You will reduce the consumption and maintain the temperature of the food in a constant way.

Regulates the temperatures of the refrigerator and freezer correctly. The optimum temperature for the refrigerator is about 7º C. For the freezer, below -18º C is an extra energy expense that will not improve the conservation of food.

If you prepare dough for croquettes or a stew, keep it out until it is completely cold. Inserting it hot in the fridge will cause an increase in temperature and, therefore, higher consumption. Also, it could affect the quality of the rest of the food.

Food safety advice

Food safety tips

Linked with the energy saving, keep the refrigerator rubber clean. It is what ensures the complete closure of the refrigerator and prevents possible bacteria or bad odors.

Also, clean the small spots that occur when removing or introducing food. We will reduce the proliferation of bacteria and cross contamination. When it comes to ordering the products, it is convenient to place the food you just bought on the back of the shelves. The ones that have been on hand for more time. In this way, we make sure to consume the products before they expire.

Keep the cold chain, buy the fresh products at the last moment and put them in the fridge as soon as possible.

Order in the refrigeratorkeep refrigerator clean


Everything in its place. Fruits and vegetables should be placed in the lower drawers and outside the plastic bags to prevent moisture spoiling food. Also at the bottom products that need a lot of cold like meat and fish. Place, in the middle zone, the products that need less temperature or those whose label incorporates the phrase: “Once opened, keep cold.” Check the different compartments of the door so as not to leave “forgotten” foods that may be damaged (mayonnaise, ketchup).

Finally, to keep refrigerator clean and maintain a good atmosphere inside the refrigerator and avoid bad odors you can always choose to place a container with baking soda on the door. As it will absorb the bad smell, or place half a lemon. Of course, do not forget to renew it every 7 days. Choose the right door:

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