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How to stop burglars from targeting your home?

In this complete guide, I will show you how to stop burglars from targeting your home, and you will learn all the anti-theft security techniques to make your home a real Bunker. Thieves use many techniques to sabotage your home. The reality is that the statistics point, unfortunately, to the fact that this problem continues to grow. Currently, 5 people out of every 100 suffer robberies in their homes, and more than 30% know someone who has suffered a robbery in their home.

How to stop burglars from targeting your home?

home security alarm

A few years ago having an alarm system at home was something of a few privileged people who could contract with a private security company, thanks to technological advances that is no longer the case, with little investment you can install an alarm at home.

Honestly installing an alarm does not seem so important if you have well protected your door as I taught before, but if it is true that having an alarm at home is great security plus for your home and that will make you feel much more secure.

Currently, there are alarm kits so good that you can avoid paying a private company such as Securitas Direct, Prosegur … etc … and buy and install your alarm at home without depending on any company.

Tips to know if they watch your house

Remember that these are how the thieves have you controlled. They are very easy to discover if you know these little tips, for quick detection.

Markers of paper or plastic on the door seal

Markers of paper or plastic on the door seal

If you see these types of brands on your doorstep, the best thing you can do is to keep an eye out and remove those markers; the thieves, as soon as they see you withdraw them, will quickly desist from entering your home. If you have observed them in several houses of the building inform your neighbors, and you can even put an informative note in the community.Mark on the intercom

Mark on the intercom

This is also a very common case, but here if you have to be more cautious because it is a clear symptom that they have detected a rental or unoccupied dwelling and possibly entry is imminent.

Calls to the apartment by automatic door entry

Calls to the apartment by automatic door entry

Home security in charge often uses this surveillance technique a lot, because they check if you are regularly at home. I know it’s a bore to be continually getting up to answer the doorman, but it’s the way to avoid being hit by fright and entering the house while you’re inside.

Theft method with stick

Theft method with the stick

If someday you find yourself with a stick in your bowler hat, it can be a sign that they are going to steal you. WHY?. The thieves introduce a simple stick in the lock, and you will think that it has been a girlie or that it has been the neighbor with whom you do not get along, but it might not be like that. When you can not enter the key, it is normal for you to go to solve the problem by calling a locksmith. DO NOT GO !!!, since you will take advantage of that time, they know you are looking for a solution, to enter your home.

Well, so far we have seen how thieves can get us to watch and how to act. If this happens, you can be very calm. With following these little tips that I have given thieves will never enter your house because they are not fools at all and desist from their plans to avoid problems. Note that they avoid having problems in the robberies and they want everything to be fast and clean.

Do you know how the thieves open the doors?

To this day, the methods of theft in homes that are most used by lovers of what is foreign are the following:

For obvious security reasons, we will not show videos of how these techniques are developed.

how the thieves open the doors

Picking method: This technique consists of manually manipulating the internal locking systems of the safety cylinder with strong wire bent at the tip like lockpicks. These pack of picks is very easy to buy on large surfaces, and there are also tutorials on the internet.

Bumping method: The technique is carried out using a bumping master key, that when giving a few small blows and the pistons of the bowler, they make them vibrate and at that moment turning the key they manage to open the lock.

Imprisoning: Today we could say that the most used and that is to make a mold of the original key by placing some sheets inside the lock.

The intruders put inside the safety cylinder or cylinder these thin aluminum sheets that act as a mold, then wait for the owner to enter the key in the door. It is when the teeth and marks are printed on the sheets and anyone can make an exact copy of the original key.

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