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How to keep room cool in summer naturally without loosing style

With the arrival of the summer months, the heat begins to tighten hard and it costs to keep the home cool even in our home. Whether we have air conditioning or if we can not resort to a series of tricks to try to keep our house as far away from the heat as possible without triggering the energy cost and with it the electricity bill. We reveal the most important tips on how to keep room cool in summer naturally.

Now that the good weather and the heat seem to have come to stay, it is time to prepare the house for the summer months. The air conditioning is the best ally to survive the high temperatures of the summer. However, houses that do not have these devices can become real ovens if you can not scare the heat that is installed in them. Keep reading: Spectacular cactus decoration Ideas for house

How to keep room cool in summer naturally?

how to keep room cool in summer naturally

If you do not have air conditioning, or just do not want to turn it on for economic or health reasons, here we bring you a series of tricks that will keep your house cool in summer without losing style.

Close the curtains and blinds

In addition to ventilating the house early in the morning or at night, when the air is cooler, you should cite curtains and blinds during the hours when the sun hits more strongly on doors and windows.

Paint light colored walls

The houses that have the exterior facades of light colors help the temperature inside to be reduced a few degrees since these tones reflect more sunlight than the darker colors.

Paint light colored walls

In the case of interiors, painting the walls in light tones will also give you freshness. But you do not have to resort to the whites of a lifetime. Today you will find in the market an endless variety of white, in colder tones (with shades of gray, blue or green) or warmer (yellow, orange or red), which will help you improve the thermal sensation.

Inside plants

Some indoor plants, especially those with large green leaves, will help keep your house cool in the summer months while creating a more welcoming environment.

Pay attention to the tissues

The curtains also have to be light and of light tones. A very simple trick to refresh your home without losing the style is to change the bedspreads, sheets or covers of the sofas and armchairs by white fabrics or bright and soft colors such as linen, silk or cotton.

Avoid turning on lights and appliances

Avoid turning on lights and appliances

The lights and appliances are sources of heat that burden the environment without us noticing. For that reason, in summer try to light them only as much as possible. Although some such as the refrigerator or computer is essential, you must avoid others such as the dishwasher, the iron, the oven or even the television in the middle of the day. Also, keeping the lights off will avoid the horrible summer mosquitoes and save you a few dollars on the electricity bill.

Ceiling fans

If you have a ceiling fan in your home, you may already know that these devices need to be regulated twice a year, but it is worth remembering. In summer the blades must turn counterclockwise to push down a current of air capable of cooling the environment. On the contrary, in winter these fans must turn to the right to move the hot air that accumulates in the ceiling throughout the room.

Install awnings or canopies

If you live in a house or villa and want to avoid the sun entering directly through the windows, you can install awnings or canopies. This way you will give your house a more original touch while protecting it from the heat. You may also like:

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