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How to Get Rid of Paint Smell in the House

Beautifying a home will depend a lot on the use of artistic elements such as shapes, textures, and: colors. Bringing your favorite colors to the walls and ceilings can be done by painting your home, either by hiring professional painters or by doing it yourself. Whatever the case, there will be a smell of paint, especially while it is still fresh. Painting a house does not have to be an unpleasant task as long as you know how to get rid of paint smell in the house. Get rid of that smell and enjoy the new colors of your home.

How to get rid of paint smell in the house?

With this ugly smell, you may be concerned about the damage it can cause to our respiratory system.

how to get rid of paint smell in the house

1- Mask the scent of fresh paint

There is a way to mask the smell of fresh paint and stop being anxious every time you enter a room that has just been painted. Deodorizing the paint is an effective way to cover the ugly smell with a fresher and more powerful aroma. For example, put some pepper oil on the paint before starting to paint. The mint smell of this essential oil is better than the strong smell of paint. In addition, you can also try vanilla extract, which smells good and does not affect the color of the paint. Although it is not a very cheap alternative, it serves a lot to make the place smell better.

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2- Use less paint thinner Using thinner

It doesn’t have to be excessive to make the paint softer. If you have traditional latex paint, a small bottle of thinner is enough for four gallons of paint. Use the amount and save what is left over for another time.

3- Place buckets of water in the room

Water can absorb the vapors of the solvent. In addition, a great effect will be generated if you place the buckets in the middle of the room. If you leave the buckets overnight, you see that the smell of the solvent does not remain as long as usual.

4- Use odorless paints

A fairly practical solution to eliminate paint odor is to use odorless paints. There are several brands that offer this paint, which can be obtained at hardware stores. Unlike conventional latex and acrylic paints, odorless paints have softer blends, which make the colored liquid less shiny and hard.

Despite this property, odorless paints have a weaker smell, mainly because of the reduced amount of solvent they have. The less solvent the paint has, the weaker the smell will be. Many homeowners prefer to use this paint because of its soft texture, which allows them to paint more easily.

Tricks to avoid the smell of paint

Painting the house or a room usually leaves a strong smell of paint that takes time to disappear. Beyond the traditional trick of ventilating the home – which is still partly necessary, there are ways to quickly and easily remove the smell of paint, with products that are commonly found in the home.

how to get rid of paint smell in the house

If you have not yet bought the painting or if you have not yet started the work, wait! Because we have two tricks that can help you avoid the smell of paint and that you will need to apply before you paint. The first, very simple but not always possible to practice: when choosing a paint, choose acrylic paint if your wall allows it since it is a more watery solution, the smell is much smaller.

Once you have bought the paint and you are ready to do the job, you can throw in the paint two teaspoons of vanilla extract or simple sugar for every liter of paint; they will help to reduce the subsequent smell considerably.

Now yes … if you continue to suffer from the strong smell of paint, do not forget to ventilate the room and choose one trick to eliminate the smell of paint that we present below.


The onion makes us cry, but it can also be a great ally in matters of smell. To avoid the smell of paint, place in the painted room a bowl with cold water, and inside, a sliced ​​onion. It will allow us to get rid of the unpleasant smell naturally.


If you are an unconditional lover of coffee, this may also be your solution. Place the glass with a little ground coffee in each painted room. You can also use used coffee grounds.


It seems almost odorless, but it can be our response to the smell of paint because of its properties, it can absorb odors, without giving another scent. Put cups of warm milk in different parts of the room or rooms and leave them for a few days.


The incenses of intense odors, such as eucalyptus or pine, can also help neutralize the smell. The smell can be unpleasant.

White vinegar

Its strength is a matter of smell, and disinfectant power makes it an ideal partner to help us remit the smell of paint. To eliminate the smell of paint using white vinegar, place several containers with white vinegar in each painted room. Do not forget to leave the windows slightly ajar to avoid excessive concentration. Even being a natural product, we advise you to use this trick if the previous ones have not worked as you expected.


Using ammonia is one of the most effective tricks to eliminate the smell of paint. To do this, place several containers with cold water and a spoonful of ammonia in the painted room. The smell given off by ammonia is also very strong, so we have to be careful not to exceed the amount, and ventilate the room. It is not advisable for anyone to sleep in the room during the following hours. We always recommend opting first for the use of tricks with natural products such as the previous ones and resorting to ammonia in the presence of persistent odor.

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