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How to Fix a Leaky Kitchen Faucet without Help of a Plumber

If you have a sink with two sinks or buckets, it is quite likely that with the use. The water will start to flow out of the tap between the tap. This is because of the wear that has been generated in the rubber gasket, the function of this joint is to create air tightness, by moving the tap from one breast or bucket to another.

How to fix a leaky kitchen faucet?

When we come across this problem, it is not necessary to buy a new kitchen tap. We have to buy a rubber gasket from the tap diameter and solved.

In addition, we can do it ourselves. We only need a wrench or wrench, screwdriver, … depending on the characteristics of our faucet and a little time.

You will need rubber gasket diameter tap, wrench, screwdriver, … (depends on our tap)

Repair a kitchen faucet that loses water

1. We begin the task by closing the bracket key to avoiding having water in the tap. It really is not necessary, having the tap turned off, but how does the saying say: better prevention than cure.

2. Next, we remove the tap by releasing a nut that holds it with a wrench or fixed, screwdriver, … depending on the characteristics of our faucet.

3. In the tap, we find a rubber gasket that with time, the use,… It has been worn out and does not perform its function correctly: provide leak tightness. Therefore, water comes out of the tap. We must go to the hardware store and buy a board of the same diameter and replace it.

4. And ready, problem solved.

Why are faucets dripping?

The taps are elements that are subject to continuous water flow, and it is normal that over time, suffer deterioration.

One of the most common deteriorations that suffer is the drip. But you must know how to fix a dripping tap since, otherwise, you can suffer much worse consequences.

Fix a dripping faucet

If a faucet spends a whole day dripping, in the long run, it can mean an increase in your water bill. A priori, some simple droplets do not seem worrisome, but if they are left a long time, they can result in economic losses.

On the other hand, if for example, your kitchen faucet does not stop dripping, it means a continuous erosion that will end up damaging your tap. If you want to save yourself having to buy a new faucet, you need to know how to fix a leaky faucet.

Often the faucets may leak or other anomalies that occur promptly. To know how to fix a faucet that loses water, you must first know where and why you lose it. A drip is not the same as a major leak.

Types of taps

Although all faucets have a similar operation, the components and assembly vary depending on the type of faucet. Below we show you the types of existing faucets and their characteristics.


These taps are characterized by having a single opening command. The main drawback of individual faucets, known as single-water faucets, is that they only allow one water temperature: cold or hot.

This makes these faucets have fallen into disuse, being common to find them in gardens, parks, or gyms.


These types of faucets are also known as battery faucets. They are, together with the single-lever faucets, the most common in homes, being common to find it as a bathroom faucet.

In this type of faucets, we find two controls: one regulates the hot water and another the cold water. The combination of both controls makes it possible to put the water at the desired temperature, but in this process, we wastewater, which can increase our bill.


Surely you have one of these taps in your house since they are very frequent. They are composed of a single control that you can move to the left or right to control the water temperature.

Raise the control up or down. You can regulate the amount of water that comes out of the tap. We could say that it is the typical shower faucet, although we can find it in the kitchen or the sink. A dripping mixer tap has a different procedure than the rest of the faucets when it comes to fixing it.

Thermostatic mixer faucets

This is the most advanced option. This type of faucets has two controls. The first one allows us to regulate the temperature by selecting the exact degrees to which we want the water temperature. The second control regulates the flow of the same.

As we have seen, there are different types of faucets according to the controls that control them. Taking into account the type of tap will be decisive when it comes to knowing how to fix a dripping tap.

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