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How to clean blinds: Horizontal and vertical blinds cleaning tricks

General cleaning in an apartment usually takes a lot of time and effort, which sometimes makes it put off in a distant drawer. So you need to learn how to clean blinds. If you approach this matter wisely, you can significantly reduce your time costs. For example, if you figure out how to wash the blinds, even without removing them, then your life will become much easier. 

How to clean blinds

how to clean blinds

You know how much dust they accumulate on themselves, especially in summer, when the windows in the apartment are completely open. Removing the blinds from the windows every week is quite problematic.

Metal and plastic

Cleaning horizontal blinds made of plastic or metal is not so difficult. We have given all the recommendations. This type is the most common, as easy to use and looks very attractive. The main advantage of such structures is that they can completely block the ingress of sunlight into the apartment, unlike, for example, from curtains.

It is possible to wash such blinds in the following ways:

Wipe each panel separately with a damp sponge or soft cloth. But this option is only suitable if there are a couple of windows in the apartment since such cleaning will take you a lot of time.

It is possible to wipe the panels from two sides at the same time, which will speed up the process and prevent them from breaking. To do this, you can use the most ordinary cloth for dust, which will be folded in half.

If the cleaning needs to be done as quickly as possible, then you need to close the blinds so that the panels are perpendicular to the floor. Now you just need to wipe the surface with a sponge. It is advisable to do this several times to remove all dust and dirt completely.

In the event that there are stains on the blinds that do not wash off. It is necessary to remove them and wash them in the bathroom under running warm water with cleaning agents. In this case, you need to remember that you should not use too much pressure, as the plastic panels can bend and even break.


Blinds, which are made of wood, are quite rare since they are much more expensive than plastic and metal. However, they are an excellent eco-friendly counterpart. It should be remembered that to care for such blinds is difficult. Any stain of coffee or tea can cause the wood to swell. Yes, and the stain itself can not wash off, as it penetrates deep into the structure of the material. Dust from the panels is removed with a brush or vacuum cleaner. Wet cleaning is not allowed here.


To read the blinds, which are made of cloth, you can use several methods. The choice depends on how contaminated the product is. If only dust has accumulated on the fabric blinds, then it is enough to vacuum them. This should be done at minimum power in order not to damage the fabric. It is also desirable to use a special nozzle that is designed for cleaning furniture – it usually comes complete with a vacuum cleaner. Blinds are cleaned only twice a month. However, if the windows are constantly open and the house is near the road, the number of cleanings may be more.

If the product has more serious contamination, such as coffee or grease stains, it should be washed. You can do this even in a best-featured washing machine, choosing a careful mode.

This procedure is as follows:

  • First, you need to remove the blinds.
  • Then they should be disassembled and removed separately those parts that do not go to the wash.
  • Wrap the fabric in a roll and put it in a special bag for washing.
  • After washing is over, the blinds should be immediately put on the dryer. Delay this moment is not worth it.
  • If possible, hang fabric slats and attach small weights to the fabric. Thus, the blinds will be as smooth as possible.
  • Wipe the hard parts with a damp cloth.

The board: Fabric blinds should not be washed too often, as they may lose their shape. It is recommended not to do laundry yourself, but about once a year to bring blinds to dry cleaners, where experts will handle them.

In that case, if blinds are made of plastic, they wash in the same way, as well as vertical. You need to wash each panel separately with a damp cloth. You can do this without removing the entire structure from the windows, which greatly simplifies the task.

If the vertical blinds are made of fabric, then it is a little more difficult to care for them. Firstly, it is very difficult to vacuum them, because in the process you will have to hold the panels. Secondly, once or twice a year they will need to be washed, and this is quite a troublesome task. You will have to remove the plastic parts from each panel, and after washing, put them on again.

For washing, it is better to use gel, not dry powder, so as not to damage the fabric.

How to remove the blinds from the window to wash

So, we found out: to clean and wash the blinds very well, they need to be removed periodically. Sometimes it causes some problems, especially if it is done for the first time. Horizontal blinds are removed very easily, as they are hung with the help of a bracket with fasteners, which are called “swallows”. You will need to push the front and back wall at the very top panel with your fingers, and then remove it from the clips. Some blinds have a more complicated design – a screwdriver is required to disconnect.

Vertical blinds removed from the windows is even easier, since each panel is hung there separately. In the upper part there is a special plug, which is pulled out, after which the rest is removed.

If you do not understand something, then the Miss Cleanliness portal recommends that you read the instructions. There is usually all the most detailed. In some cases, even attached illustrations.

As you can see, to remove the blinds from the window to wash, it will not be difficult if you understand all the nuances.

Wash the blinds at home for a couple of minutes

Many may be interested in the question of how quickly to clean the blinds, if they have accumulated a lot of dust. In this case, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle. However, if the device is not regulated by power, then you should not experiment, as you can thus damage the structure – break the plastic panels or tear the fabric.

For quick cleaning you can use a stiff brush. It should be dry and not too large. With it, you can simply walk through the panels, thus removing dust and dirt. Of course, this type of cleaning is not ideal, but in some situations it will be very useful.


If you want to clean the blinds to serve you as far as possible, you need to follow some tips:

  • Do not hang a fabric construction into the kitchen, as there it will constantly be in contact with food and grease. Preference should be given blinds made of plastic. They are easy to wash and remove from the windows. Weekly wet cleaning does not take you much time.
  • Use for cleaning only gentle household chemicals. If possible, completely discard it and wipe the panels with just water.
  • Try to avoid self-washing fabric blinds. Leave it to the professionals. This approach will help you keep the fabric intact for years to come.
  • Do not use the vacuum cleaner if you are not sure that its power is not too large.
  • Apply a special solution to the louvers that prevents dust from accumulating. You can buy this tool in specialized stores. This will greatly simplify your life, as the blinds will be less dirty.

Washing the blinds at home and in the future to keep them clean is not so difficult. First of all, do not wait for them to become very dirty. If you pay attention to the panels every week and wipe them, they will need general cleaning only once a year. If you understand the tricks how to clean blinds correctly, share it with your friends. And don’t fear to ask questions in the comment section.

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