How to change the shower faucet and handle?

Changing the shower faucet will give a new life and attractive design to our bathroom. Take note of these steps and perform this task easily and quickly. The tap of the shower is one of the objects that can suffer the most from the inconveniences of continued use. The shower is a daily task that depending on the inhabitants of the house will have greater or lesser wear.

Having this element in perfect condition is one of the ways to maintain proper hygiene in something as important as a tap and to be able to save water, with the new systems that new taps can incorporate. All are advantages for a much simpler procedure than it may seem, take note of these steps and start preparing the new shower faucet.

How to change the shower faucet?

Changing the shower faucet can be a simple task if you have the necessary tools and resources. Before working with any element of the bathroom, we will close the stopcock. We will cut the water supply in this way, making this task easier and less exposed to difficulties. The stopcock will be located below the water meter, although there may be variations in some buildings.

How to change the shower faucet

When we have the water supply closed, we open the taps to eliminate any remaining element that may have remained. At the end of this process, we should not have any liquid flowing from the taps or would make our task more complicated and dangerous.

We will remove the old tap, we will remove it by loosening with the necessary tools or with the hand if it is the case the two rosettes. The joints, washers and the clamping of this tap will begin to yield and we can easily remove it.

The key moment arrives, the incorporation of the new shower faucet. Normally, these elements are placed between the two you have water intended to provide cold or hot water. This element should be about 16 centimeters apart. We should correct it.

We put the new tap in its position, with the help of cloth we will raise the parts of the threads to be able to tighten them much better with the key. The final result must be a correct fixation without damaging the tap. The board is the main part of this project should be well sealed or leakage will occur. We will make sure that there are no leaks by opening the tap again and checking the water flow.

With these simple steps, we will have a new tap in the shower. We will have saved some money and we will get the solution to some problems. A shower of higher quality with the infinite possibilities offered by these objects. Dare to perform a simple task with impressive results.

How to change the shower faucet

Change the shower handle

With two simple steps, we show you how to replace your shower washer. As you will see it has no science is easy and saves maintenance costs in your home. Let’s see how to do it.

You need:

Wrench, Teflon tape and flexo and shower phone.

To change the phone, unscrew and put the new one:

To change the phone, unscrew the old control flexo and then adjust the new one.

It is possible that the thread has been struck by the effect of the lime, but with the spanner, there will be no nut that can resist it. Finally, cover the joint areas with Teflon.

Check if the flexo is in perfect condition:

If the hose has deteriorated, unscrew it from the base of the tap using a wrench and replace it with a new one.

In the event that the phone is still in perfect condition, you can put it back on the other end of the new flexo. Secure all joints with Teflon tape. With these simple two steps, you have your work finished and at a very low cost.

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