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How does vacuum cleaner works? tips for regular user

The world of cleaning has evolved with the appearance of vacuum cleaners. These small machines have been making their way in this last time, to enter our homes and make our lives a little easier. The vacuum uses the most cutting-edge technology to clean any corner of the home, saving us time and effort. Here, we bring tips on how does vacuum cleaner works. 

What is a vacuum cleaner

How does vacuum cleaner works

Vacuum cleaners have become one of the great inventions of the 21st century. No wonder, considering that these devices are designed to provide deep cleaning of the floor. At the same time, reduce the time we spend on household chores.

The vacuum cleaner is an automatic floor cleaner that works by sucking all the dirt that is on the floor. Since the outlet of the first vacuum cleaner on the market. The operation of these cleaners has been improving thanks to technological progress. In this way, they currently have:

  • Spot detection on the ground
  • 360º turning capacity
  • Suction capacity
  • Work automatically
  • Automatic loading option

How does vacuum cleaner works

How does vacuum cleaner works

The main purpose of the vacuum cleaner is to perform the tasks of cleaning the home quickly and efficiently. But how does a vacuum cleaner work? What are they capable of doing exactly?

Charge themselves: Usually, these devices are coupled to a charging base once they finish your program to recharge your battery, which allows you always to have you are ready to start your particular cleaning day. They clean any surface: the main feature of the vacuum cleaner is their special brushes that allow you to clean any floor.

Access to all corners: They can access the most complicated corners thanks to its rotation system of 360ºC. On the other hand, its optical and acoustic sensors allow it to detect any change in the floor, as well as the dirt that is in it.

Automation programs: Vacuum cleaners also have various programs that allow you to perform your task automatically. You have to choose the most suitable one for you.

Memorization of the spaces: On the other hand, the current vacuum cleaner has been incorporated a camera that allows them to map the rooms they have to clean so that they can perform their task more smoothly.

Tips for using the vacuum cleaner


If you want to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner, we invite you to learn the following tips and tricks:

Clean the brushes of your: keep in mind that, although they are special, after many uses can lose efficiency, so it is important to clean the brushes frequently.

Load the cleaner without the brushes: this will help you save energy and load the device quickly.

Take care of the battery of your vacuum cleaner: if the device will not be in operation for a while (for vacations, construction or removals, for example), it is better to remove the battery. When you use the appliance again, make a charge and a complete discharge before putting it to work. In this way, the battery will last much longer.

Elevates the furniture: these devices have an approximate height of 90 mm, so they may not be able to access under certain furniture. If you want the cleaning of the floor is total, it is advisable that you raise the furniture a little using wooden blocks, for example.

Remove unnecessary obstacles: before turning on the cleaner, remove everything that may stand in your way. Thus, not only will you allow the total cleaning of the room, but also you will facilitate the work to the cleaner. With the floor clear, the cleaning work will be much better.

Place the chairs on the table: in line with the previous advice, the important thing is to make the work easier. Lift the chairs and place them face down on the table. With this little trick, your cleaner will work more fluently.

Be careful with cables: if there are cables on the ground, stick them to the wall, since they can be dangerous. The vacuum cleaner works autonomously, so the cables, in addition to obstructing the device, could cause a breakdown.

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